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A Tale of Two Secretaries

By Jeremy Beck

Worker power, loose borders: pick one (hat tip, Oren Cass) WORKER POWER LOOSE BORDERS Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich (on Substack): “Here’s the truth: There is no labor shortage. There is, however, a shortage of jobs paying sufficient wages to attract workers to fill job openings.” Current U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh (in Davos): “One … Continued

Unraveling the Not So Rosy October Jobs Report

By Lisa Irving

Analysts across the board lauded the better than expected “Bureau of Labor Statistics” October jobs report that was released last week. That report, showing 531,000 job additions (when 450,000 job gains were predicted) also included some upward revisions to prior months, after very disappointing August and September job numbers. According to many, this upswing in … Continued