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NumbersUSA bids farewell to friend and fearless wilderness warrior Dave Foreman (1946-2022)

By Leon Kolankiewicz

Legendary wilderness warrior, rewilding pioneer, and NumbersUSA friend Dave Foreman died this past September 19 at the age of 75 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, succumbing to an illness called interstitial lung disease. With his death, Mother Earth lost a diehard defender and the United States a formidable fighter for rational population and immigration policies cognizant … Continued

Remembering Prof. Herman E. Daly (1938 – 2022): Father of Ecological Economics, Opponent of Overpopulation and Mass Immigration

By Leon Kolankiewicz

Around the world, those of us who have, for half a century and more, questioned and challenged the reining dogma of “growthmania” — the widespread delusion that infinite population and economic growth is possible in a finite ecosphere — are in mourning. It is as if, as Herman’s longtime colleague and admirer William E. Rees … Continued

Renowned economist Walter E. Williams (1936 – 2020) Argued Immigration Should Benefit American People

By Lisa Irving

Economist Walter E. Williams, the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics and department chair at George Mason University, died December 1st on the University’s campus at age 84. Economist Thomas Sowell eulogized his “best friend for half a century” in a Northern Virginia Daily column recounting Williams’s love of teaching. Sowell wrote: “Walter Williams … Continued