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Japan: A population fly in the ointment for U.S. immigration expansionists

By Christy Shaw

The story of Japan’s puzzling lower inflation rate, compared to that of the U.S., deposits a fly in the middle of an otherwise well-oiled U.S. corporate and mass media narrative to insist that fighting inflation, like every other issue facing our country, is solved by increasing immigration. But Japan seems so far uninterested in loosening … Continued

Same Story, Different Countries: Immigration is Driving Population Growth

By Admins

Exorbitantly high levels of immigration driving population growth, ultimately affecting quality of life issues, is not unique to the United States. Concern for job opportunities, housing, the preservation of natural resources, as they relate to one’s well-being, are expressed in a recent article by Clare Foges titled, “How much immigration can Britain sustain?” This article, … Continued

Reports on Jobs and Inflation

By Lisa Irving

April Jobs and Inflation Reports The BLS reported earlier this month that the U.S. economy added 428,000 jobs in April and unemployment remained at 3.6 percent. However, other problematic employment data persist during this economic recovery. The labor participation rate, which consists of those working and those looking for work, was at 62.2 percent in … Continued

Are we a “postmodern charity-state” or a nation state?

By Jeremy Beck

As Lisa Venus covers in her blog about President Biden’s pledge to resettle 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in the United States, our famous “gumballs” video demonstrates that our immigration policy is not, and can never be, a solution for the millions of displaced people around the world, or for the billions of people living in poverty. … Continued

A looming question and coming litmus test

By Jeremy Beck

Oren Cass, in what might be the perfect six-word challenge for policy makers heading into 2021 writes “Worker Power, Loose Borders: Pick One.” For all of us who have been frustrated for years by the media’s insistence that immigration policy stands outside the law of supply and demand, it is more than a little cathartic … Continued

Plenty of Evidence Reveals There Are Benefits AND Costs to Immigration

By Eric Ruark

Last month, the Center for Immigration Studies published a blog by Jason Richwine. Richwine, who knows well the debate over the economics of immigration, wrote: No fair reading of the literature could conclude that economists believe immigration has only costs or only benefits. Nevertheless, just about everything the American people are told by the corporate … Continued