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Democrats adopt platform of more chain migration, less enforcement & mass amnesty

By Chris Chmielenski

The Democratic Party approved its Party Platform during its national convention this week, and while some Democrats complained that it didn’t go far enough in embracing a more open-borders agenda, there’s not much to like for supporters of reduced immigration. THE BAD – Increased legal immigration, mass amnesty, and less enforcement One line on the … Continued

Dems Presidential Hopefuls Provide Few Immigration Details During Third Debate

By Chris Chmielenski

There’s little doubt that the issue of immigration will be on the minds of voters throughout next year’s presidential elections. That’s why I was somewhat surprised at how little time ABC dedicated to the issue during last night’s third Democratic Presidential debate. Of the nearly three hour debate, ABC allowed for only 12 minutes of … Continued

Democratic voters say make all businesses use E-Verify

By Roy Beck

Will candidates agree with the Party’s voters that immigration laws should favor recruiting — and pay raises for — American workers? You wouldn’t sense it from the candidates in the Democratic debates thus far, but most Democratic voters want the government to stop illegal migration. And they want it done in a way that should … Continued