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Protecting biodiversity abroad but not at home?

By Jeremy Beck

The Democrats’ double standard The Democratic Party acknowledges that human population growth endangers biodiversity and threatened species…in other countries. At home, they support immigration policies that accelerate U.S. population growth. Contact Congress In the recently-passed omnibus bill — Congressional Democrats earmarked “not less than $575,000,000” to be “made available for family planning/reproductive health, including in … Continued

Was COP26 a cop-out? I think so, and here are a few reasons why

By Christy Shaw

As a person who cares about the environment and who also believes in a balanced approach to economic policy, I understand that immigration reduction is essential to sustainable and equitable policy approaches on both these issues. It also means I am in a rather foul mood after listening to the same old grand speeches at … Continued

Colorado River Water Shortage Affects 40 Million People

By Admins

Immigration drives U.S. population growth, and this is true in western states, which are among some of the fastest growing areas in the United States. This growth is causing many strains on local resources and infrastructure, the most consequential being waters shortages that will become acute if current trends continue. For the first time, a … Continued