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In its eagerness to attack Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.), Shareblue Media has a new website post that encourages Central American parents to take their children on the perilous journey through Mexico to illegally cross the U.S. border. The attack includes outlandish claims and makes no attempt at offering a solution to discourage illegal border crossers from placing their children's lives under the care of the murderous, transnational drug cartels that control much of the southern border.

In a recent telephone Town Hall, Rep. Perry advocated for keeping children with their parents after they've been detained crossing the border illegally, even if it results in the federal government keeping them in custody for longer than 20 days.

"If you have a child with you, unfortunately there is what’s called the Flores settlement, which is a court decision that dates back to the ’70s that says that, between that and a law that was passed in the Bush administration regarding human trafficking, it says that we cannot hold children with their incarcerated parents — again, their parents, but not necessarily their parents, because believe it or not, I think the latest statistics was like three-quarters of these children that come are not accompanied by their parents. They are accompanied by an adult but not their parents. So, we can only hold them together for 20 days before we have to release them."

-- Rep. Perry, July 24, 2018

Shareblue's attack is predictably over-the-top.

For example, the post begins with the line "America is appalled at the prospect of baby jails." Yes, even I find the prospect of jailing babies appalling, but no one, including Rep. Perry, is suggesting that as a solution.

Instead, the Trump Administration, along with Rep. Perry, is looking at ways that it can humanely hold family units in custody beyond the 20-day limit established by the Flores Settlement Agreement. This solution would keep families together and ensure that federal immigration laws are evenly enforced and asylum cases are fairly adjudicated. This solution was the one most preferred by American adults in a poll conducted by The Economist/YouGuv back in June.

Shareblue goes on to attack Rep. Perry, writing that "families, some fleeing violence and seeking asylum, are forced to wait for months or years for a court date."

Interestingly, Shareblue acknowledges that "some" of the family units apprehended crossing the border illegally don't have legitimate asylum claims. In fact, government data have found that nearly 80% of Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States ultimately have their claim denied. By discouraging illegal border crossings through prosecuting and detaining all who cross the border illegally, it will lead to quicker processing for those with legitimate asylum claims.

Given its opposition to Rep. Perry, Shareblue's preferred solution for the ongoing border surge is to continue with a catch-and-release policy that allows illegal border crossers to disappear into the interior of the United States and never be heard from again. This solution simply encourages more Central Americans to risk their children's lives by making the dangerous journey to illegally enter the United States.

Shareblue concludes that "Perry sided with the Trump administration rather than with the best interests of children." But is it really in the best interests of the children to place them in the hands of the drug cartels?

CHRIS CHMIELENSKI is the Deputy Director for NumbersUSA

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