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Rejecting the Bipartisan Agreements of Columnists

author Published by Andrew Good

Last week, one of The New York Times‘ conservative columnists, Bret Stephens, and one of their liberal columnists, Gail Collins, published a back-and-forth on their view of some of the currently hot political issues. Not surprisingly, they started with the migrant crisis.

The week before that, one of The Washington Post‘s conservative columnists, Marc Thiessen, and one of their liberal columnists, Alyssa Rosenberg, teamed up to examine areas of “pro-family” policy that they could agree on.

You’ll never be able to guess what they could all agree on!

Tell Congress to Listen to YOU

Stephens & Collins come right out of the gate ready to dispose of an obvious consensus item: work permits for all the migrants! This is something Mayor Adams has asked for. It’s something Governor Hochul has asked for. And it’s clearly in tune with the Biden Administration’s goal of (illegally) increasing permits for foreign workers.

Meanwhile, Thiessen & Rosenberg surprised (and appalled) us by mentioning anything about immigration in their “pro-family” conversation.

But their out-of-touch cronyism produced a paragraph of sheer art:

This is what Congress is reading: Relentless advocacy for more foreign workers, no matter what… no matter how.

We must pierce the elite bubble. And the way to do that is to make sure Congress has something else to read – YOUR EMAILS TO THEM!

Tell Congress to Listen to YOU

Full disclosure: I still like the idea of these exercises. Getting ideologically disparate political thinkers together and having a civil discussion about issues is something very dear to our hearts at NumbersUSA… because that’s the DNA of our organization. It’s just that the quality of the policy proposal that comes out of that – and whose interests are prioritized – hugely matter.

BONUS ITEM: In case you missed it, check out this video of billionaire real estate developer and CEO Tim Gurner explained the importance of increasing unemployment rates and reminding employees that employers are the ones in charge. What do you think his views are on immigration?

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