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Not on this list? Not serious about fighting illegal immigration

author Published by Roy Beck

I am regularly asked how a voter can know who to believe when politicians say they want to control the border and fight illegal immigration.

I tell them I know who they CAN’T trust.

That would be anybody who isn’t on the list below – anybody who isn’t actively working to mandate that every employer in America use E-Verify for every new hire. Politicians who are NOT doing that to take away the jobs magnet for illegal immigration can’t be trusted to be serious about protecting Americans from job and wage theft by illegal aliens and the employers who hire them.

Mandating running every new hire through E-Verify would not solve the illegal immigration problem, but it would do more than any other proposal to reduce the flow of illegal border crossers and visa overstays. And no other proposal has any chance of substantially reducing illegal immigration without mandatory E-Verify being in place.


Below is a list of the Members of this Congress who are signed on as sponsors of legislation to mandate E-Verify. Considering there are 535 Members in the Senate and House of Representatives, this is a depressingly short list.

Sen. Tuberville, Tommy
Rep. Brooks, Mo
Sen. Boozman, John
Sen. Cotton, Tom
* Rep. Crawford, Eric A. “Rick”
* Rep. Gaetz, Matt
Rep. Rutherford, John H.
* Rep. Miller, Mary E.
Sen. Ernst, Joni
Sen. Grassley, Chuck
Rep. Miller-Meeks, Mariannette
Sen. Hyde-Smith, Cindy
Sen. Wicker, Roger F.
* Rep. Fortenberry, Jeff
* Rep. Budd, Ted
Sen. Inhofe, James M.
Rep. Duncan, Jeff
Rep. Norman, Ralph
Rep. Rice, Tom
Sen. Blackburn, Marsha
* Rep. DesJarlais, Scott
Sen. Lee, Mike
* Sen. Romney, Mitt
Sen. Capito, Shelley Moore

Look at your state and see what a pathetic representation you have of politicians serious about halting the No. 1 cause of illegal immigration. Compare that with how many more people CLAIM they care. They get by with big talk and no action because their constituents let them get by. We’ll be highlighting Members of Congress as they are persuaded to sign on to these bills.

ROY BECK is Founder & President of NumbersUSA

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