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Math reflects Mayhem on the Border

author Published by James Massa

Secretary Mayorkas indicated to Bret Baier during a segment of “Special Report” that of all the apprehensions of unauthorized aliens who have illegally entered the United States at least 70% of them are released into the interior of the United States. It is reported he later told CBP Border Agents it was 85%. See Report Here

Well over half of those released are residing in the US under a 5-year “parole” that includes a work authorization for a job. Over 95% of the asylum requests will be denied. Over 90% of those released never show up for asylum adjudications and remain inside the United State illegally. No wonder immigrants line up at ports of entry or cross over illegally into the United States knowing although they will be illegal aliens, they are free to live and work in the United States for years without any fear or removal.

December numbers for border apprehensions will show over 300,000 apprehensions for the month on the southern border alone. Although an unprecedented extremely high number, the Biden administration is claiming victory in reducing the number of illegal entries by pointing to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador who has begun to take steps, such as removing would-be illegal aliens from riding atop trains entering the United States. Projections for this effort to stop the flow of unauthorized aliens are that this may reduce the number by 2,500 per day.

2,500 looks like a big number. Yet, the math says otherwise.

At 2,500 a day, that is only 75,000 per month less entering the United States. With record levels of 300,000 apprehensions per month on the southern border the net number of illegal crossers apprehended is 225,000 per month. This by itself is the highest number ever recorded per month prior to December 2023 on the southern border alone.

Unauthorized Aliens Apprehended at Board and Ports of Entry

It is the responsibility of the President of the United States to faithfully uphold the duties of his office, not to rely on the President of Mexico.

There is a solution already approved and passed by the House of Representatives that addresses this unprecedented number of illegal border crossings . It is called H.R. 2, the Secure the Border Act.

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