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Lobbyists Pressing U.S. House Today to Allow Stimulus Recips to Hire Illegal Aliens

author Published by Roy Beck

When it comes to immigration, we are living in a Wild West culture in which the outlaws feel free to strut down the street and demand that the authorities give them whatever they want. Witness Capitol Hill today. The lobbyists for a variety of industries that hire lots of illegal foreign workers are rallying their troops to phone U.S. House leaders; they hope to strip a provision of the giant stimulus bill that would require recipients to use E-Verify to keep illegal aliens from getting the new jobs. Will the good “townspeople” cower behind their curtains, or get out in the streets and insist that the House “sheriffs” run the bandits off?

The debate on the stimulus bill is currently underway on the House floor. A final vote on the bill is expected this evening.

The House Appropriations Committee last week wisely decided that if the feds are going to spend nearly a trillion of the American people’s dollars ostensibly to create new jobs, then the American people ought to be the ones to get those jobs.  Imagine that.

The cheapest, easiest and most effective way to ensure that the new Stimulus Jobs don’t go to illegal aliens is to require governments and businesses getting the money to use the E-Verify on-line system (NumbersUSA has used it for years for all our employees, and it has worked like a charm for this small business).

But what a howl that has evoked from the pro-illegal-immigration lobby of businesses and immigration lawyers.

Pres. Obama is scheduled today to insist on stronger restrictions on lobbyists when it comes to the stimulus spending. He would do well to ask the House to turn a deaf ear to the lobbyists asking to strip the E-Verify provision.

Maybe you want to pass on an opinion to your U.S. Representative from an interested citizen.  The switchboard number is 202-224-3121. 

NumbersUSA will grade any vote that has the effect of blocking the E-Verify provision as a vote to protect outlaw businesses and to harm unemployed American workers.  (Look up the current grades of Members of Congress by clicking on their state on the Grade Card Map.)

As always, check your Action Buffet for more specific suggestions for how you can stand up to the outlaw lobbies of this town.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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