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The closest races for the U.S. House of Representatives include 16 with a candidate committed to lower immigration who is competing with a candidate who is not. Most of these 16 -- who are as likely to lose as to win -- are incumbents with good reduction records in Congress.

In an email to all of our members, I stated:

These 16 races are the ones I believe hold the most promise -- or danger -- to our immigration goals in the next U.S. House of Representatives.

Here is a map that shows the location of those races, plus four more of interest.

The Most Significant CLOSE RACES

Grades listed with the candidates below are from the NumbersUSA Immigration-Reduction Grade Cards based on votes in committee and the House floor, and on co-sponsorship of legislation.

Non-incumbent candidates are rated on their campaign promises on 12 legal and illegal immigration issues. NumbersUSA's TRUE REFORMER label is given to candidates who take the NumbersUSA survey and pledge their support on the 12 issues.

All of the candidates below are far better than their opponents on immigration issues.


(Districts colored GREEN on map.)

Arizona-1: Wendy Rogers -- Earned NumbersUSA's TRUE REFORMER label.

Iowa-1: Rep. Rod Blum -- A This Congress (Career A).

New York-1: Rep. Lee Zeldin -- A+ This Congress (Career A+).

North Carolina-2: Rep. George Holding -- A-minus This Congress (Career B+).

North Carolina-9: Mark Harris -- Earned NumbersUSA's TRUE REFORMER label.

North Carolina-13: Rep. Ted Budd -- A This Congress (Career A).

Pennsylvania-10: Rep. Scott Perry -- A+ with a 100% record in This Congress (Career A+).

Texas-32: Rep. Pete Sessions -- A+ This Congress (Career A).

Virginia-7: Rep. Dave Brat -- A+ with a 100% record in This Congress. (Career A+). His 2014 Primary defeat of House Majority Leader Cantor in 2014 ended the Gang of 8 amnesty battle.


(Districts colored YELLOW on map.)

California-45: Rep. Mimi Walters -- B-minus This Congress (Career B).

California-48: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher -- B-minus This Congress (Career A+).

California-50: Rep. Duncan Hunter -- B+ This Congress (Career A).

Nevada-3: Danny Tarkanian -- Favors mandatory E-Verify and end to Chain Migration & Birth Citizenship.

New Jersey-5: John McCann -- Favors end to Chain Migration & Visa Lottery. In close race to unseat an incumbent who has an F-minus grade.

New Jersey-11: Jay Webber -- Supports end to Chain Migration.

Texas-7: John Culberson -- B This Congress (Career A).


(Districts colored SALMON on map.)

Three of these four are running for open seats with thin promises on immigration but facing opponents who are running on opposition to some NumbersUSA goals. The one incumbent has a C+ grade but has supported key legal reductions. Click on the names to check out the comparison with their opponents.

Michigan-11: Lena Epstein

Montana-1: Rep. Greg Gianforte

Virginia-5: Denver Riggleman

West Virginia-3: Carol Miller


In the case of the 16 congressional districts colored green and yellow on the map, that House race is considered by Real Clear Politics to be a "toss-up" or something very close to one.

And the race either has an incumbent with a very good reduction record much better than his/her opponent's, or has a candidate for an open seat who is campaigning to reduce legal and illegal immigration.

NOTE: NumbersUSA Action never endorses candidates, because we don't assess the experience, character and leadership abilities of candidates. Nor do we consider the many other issues that voters may care about. WHAT WE DO ASSESS, though, is how well a candidate backs immigration policies that are in the national interest, particularly in terms of reducing overall numbers.

To the extent that anybody casts a vote based on candidates' immigration actions and promises, we want them to have the best information available.

ROY BECK is Founder & President of NumbersUSA

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