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House E-Verify Victory Raises Question of Whether Illegal-Worker Supporters Willing to Fight in a Roll Call Vote

author Published by Roy Beck

Despite frantic behind-the-scenes lobbying, the massive pro-illegal-worker coalition did not force a vote on the U.S. House floor Wednesday to strip from the Stimulus bill two strong new E-Verify provisions. That means we won this first round decisively. (See story)

But our NumbersUSA Hill Team has heard a number of indications of preparations for closed-door killings of these provisions in the Senate or in a joint congressional/White House conference committee.

Your job as a mobilized grassroots force of citizens is to force this fight into the open to find out which Senators (and President) will insist on the right of unscrupulous governments and businesses to hire illegal foreign workers.

We must either win the E-Verify language or, if we losse this time, at least have forced a public roll-call vote so the villians are clearly identified for the voters.

Thanks to all of you whose barrage of phone calls this week made it clear to Members of the U.S. House of Representatives that their constituents will not stand for using stimulus money to hire illegal foreign workers.

We won big on the floor of the House. The pro-illegal-worker forces tried to strip the good provisions behind the scenes, but they seemed afraid of a roll call vote that would reveal who supports illegal aliens over unemployed American workers.

Your calls were more powerful than an incredible array of lobbying by dozens of cheap-labor industry associations, the immigration lawyers and by the National Council of La Raza and many other pro-illegal-immigration groups.

If the two E-Verify provisions in the House-passed Stimulus bill survive the Senate and White House, they should open up hundreds of thousands of jobs for American workers by blocking illegal aliens who otherwise would have been given the jobs. The House has made using E-Verify a mandatory requirement for all businesses or governments receiving Stimulus funds!

We are not taking a stand one way or the other on the stimulus package itself.  But if it is signed into law, we want to make sure that it contains protections for American workers against illegal aliens getting the new jobs.

We will be coming back to you very soon with actions you can take to convince Senators and Pres. Obama to approve the same protections. As always, keep up with breaking details throughout each day on our NumbersUSA home page.

This grassroots mobilization system of alerts, free faxing and other robust actions by ordinary citizens depends 100 percent on the donations of ordinary citizens through online donations, phoned credit card contributions and checks through the mail.

On the other hand, the massive forces fighting for cheap-labor industry to be able to continue to hire illegal aliens are funded by giant corporations, by rich individuals and, amazingly, often by grants from federal, state and local governments using taxpayers’ money.

Our alerts and faxing systems are not funded by corporations, rich individuals or governments.

If you are not unemployed, on a small fixed income or seriously ill, please make a donation to help David fight Goliath in the Senate and conference committee.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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