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E-Verify: Facts & Stats

Free and Simple:

E-Verify is a free and simple Web-based system that verifies the employment eligibility of newly hired employees.

Verification only: E-Verify "never provides your employer with any, citizenship, immigration status, or document information about you."

See for yourself: E-Verify Self Check. Anyone can see if their records are up to date.

Reduces Illegal Hiring and Presence:

Fast and Accurate

Out of roughly 50 million E-Verify cases in FY22, more than 98 percent were instantly confirmed as legal workers. E-Verify deters unauthorized workers from applying in the first place.

There are no reported examples of a citizen ever being denied a job because of E-Verify.

E-Verify and Combating Identity Theft

A 2021 report from The Office of the Inspector General found that E-Verify is vulnerable to identity theft, with roughly 1.1 percent of all cases among non-citizens during that period resulted in an unauthorized worker being confirmed for work.

Protect yourself from identity theft: E-Verify Self Lock.

The Social Security Administration could close the loophole almost entirely if it would simply notify workers with more than one employer making contributions to their social security account numbers and ask them to report if they were not actually working for each of those employers. SSA, however, has a policy of not informing the victims of identity theft.

William Riley, former ICE Assistant Special Agent in Charge, on identity theft

Businesses like E-Verify

Voters want E-Verify

Take Action

E-Verify in the States

With 1.2 million "known gotaways" at the border over the past two years, Governor DeSantis of Florida is proposing to strengthen his state's existing E-Verify law:

A stronger E-Verify would deter illegal hiring and encourage recruitment and investment in Florida's workers.

Crack down on abusive child labor practices

At the border, the government is processing unaccompanied minors faster than they can vet their sponsors. The New York Times reports only a third of the minors are reuniting with parents, and a majority of them end up working full-time. Guess what those employers aren't using?

Cast Down Your Buckets

Never Forget

After Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security gave the green light to all contractors hiring illegal workers instead of African Americans and other U.S. citizens.

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