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Creating Alliances with Radical Community Builders

author Published by Andre Barnes

My role as HBCU Engagement Director can be very schizophrenic because essentially I have two roles. I am the educator who goes to Historically Black Colleges and Universities and community groups to give presentations about immigration. I am also the agitator who will work with grassroots organizations to conduct polling, organize twitter spaces, and rally people to hold elected officials accountable. 

Recently, I had an opportunity to attend a gala with an organization called TakeChargeMN. Here I had the opportunity to wear my collaborator/agitator hat to foster a relationship with an organization with a radical stance on building the community. They believe that we own our future by instilling the idea of taking charge of our lives, our families, and communities.  Their programs promote the following:

  1. Quality Education
  2. Earning a living through work
  3. Public Safety
  4. Traditional Nuclear Families
  5. Individualism

Roger Wilkins’ quote description does not describe TakeChargeMN because this organization is trying to put Black Men to work and prioritizes the importance of a two parent home. During the gala they were raising money to expand their efforts into other states. I had the pleasure of meeting the keynote speaker at the event, Carol Swain. Ms. Swain was familiar with Roy’s work and I was pleased to hear that she has written a few pieces about immigration as well. 

Please contact me via X @AndreNumbersUSA or email me at to discuss how you can support TakeChargeMN by ending asylum application abuse.

 I am outraged to learn that companies like Tyson Foods are closing plants and cutting U.S. jobs while planning to hire migrants who have been abusing the asylum system throughout our record border crisis.

Our leaders should work to support U.S. workers with livable wages – not displace them with cheaper, migrant labor.

I look forward to talking with you about ending asylum application abuse to stop the displacement of U.S. workers. Please get in touch with me to discuss stopping our border crisis by opposing attempts by the Biden administration to extend work permits to illegal workers through temporary protected status (TPS) and humanitarian parole.

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