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Dr. Karen I. Shragg was scheduled to give her talk, "Sprawling Over America, Why the endangered Species Act isn't enough" to a symposium about protecting the endangered wolf whose habitat in the United States has been broken up by development to accommodate the growing U.S. population. Shragg's presentation notes the mathematical fact that immigration policy drives U.S. population growth. She was asked to alter her presentation to bury that fact.

In her open letter Shragg describes the episode:

[D]ue to my principles, I would not agree to alter my talk unless it was for scientific reasons. The verdict came back from one irate board member in particular, I am told, that I was not to even say the word 'immigration. [sic] I asked for my registration fee back, especially when they could not be troubled to see my improvements in the latest rendition of my presentation. I am using that refund to make donations to fine NGOs like you who are doing more to save the wolf than this group."

We are grateful for Dr. Shragg's donation as well as for her courage to insist on the truth about how federal immigration policies are impacting the natural world around us. Environmental groups must not ignore the issue. Neither should Congress.

A moderate immigration policy would benefit Americans as well as the wolf, and leave a more open and welcoming country to all who join our national community.

— fewer crowds

— less pollution

— stronger and stable communities

Shragg makes the case in her paper, "The Verdict Is In: To be anti-growth is to be pro-human":

We're looking at you, Congress.

This story has a happy ending. With the help of other courageous activists, Shragg secured a spot to give her presentation to the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome. You can watch it here and judge for yourself if Shragg's talk is too dangerous to be shared.

JEREMY BECK is a V.P., Deputy Director for NumbersUSA

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