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Clinton, Napolitano & Other Insane Arguments Last Week for More Foreign Workers

author Published by Roy Beck

Examples of insanity from just last week that further prove U.S. leaders don’t understand the pain of 10.2% unemployment:

INSANITY EXHIBIT A: Sec. of State Hillary Clinton went to the Philippines to promise to bring more of its workers to compete with Americans.

The ABC News report shows the story was even crazier than that. It began with Clinton lecturing the University of St. Tomas in Manila about the fact that the Philippines needs to stop exporting so many of its workers, especially the educated and trained ones. She was giving wise support to a movement within that country to persuade ambitious, energetic Filipinos to find ways to contribute and serve their own country and people.

The Philippines needs you.

— Hillary Clinton

What a great thing to say. But then some other brain seemed to take over Clinton’s mouth when she was asked when the U.S. is going to change its immigration policy.

We’re hoping that we can achieve comprehensive immigration reform, which is something that I feel strongly about. . . . We have so many priorities. I can’t even adequately describe what it was like coming into office eight years after the prior administration, when problems have been stacked up. It felt like there were thousands of planes circling in the air that we have to bring safely to a landing, and immigration reforms is one of those. . . . We hope to get to comprehensive immigration reform and this issue will be part of the legislation that we introduced.

— Hillary Clinton

Got that? While explaining how she had worked so hard for “comprehensive immigration reform” as a Senator and a Presidential candidate, she promised to push through a law that will entice millions more of the most enthusiastic citizens of the Philippines to abandon their families, communities and country to take jobs from U.S. workers!

INSANITY EXHIBIT B: Top U.S. immigration official Napolitano claims her enforcement is working against illegal immigration and, thus, the nation needs to bring in more foreign workers BECAUSE THE U.S. ECONOMY IS SO BAD!

The logic is so convoluted that I’m sure many Americans just passed over some of the craziness in her highly reported speech this week pledging to push an amnesty and major increase in immigration as a top priority in 2010.

First, she ran down a list of what she said were huge advances in enforcing immigration laws.

The head of the Department of Homeland Security claimed that Senators who voted against the amnesty in 2007 had said they would vote for one later if the feds could prove they could enforce the law. So, she argued, based on her amazing record of stopping illegal immigration and driving illegal aliens out of their jobs this year, “comprehensive immigration reform” ought to pass in 2010.

Hmmm, haven’t we spent most of the year counting the ways that Janet Napolitano and the Obama Administration have stopped worksite raids, watered down 287(g) agreements and tied the hands of local officials, halted the no-match letters that send illegal aliens scampering for the exits, and many more examples of deteriorated enforcement?

Moreover, the immigration debate in 2007 happened during a period of historically high levels of illegal entry into the United States. Two years later, because of better enforcement and the current economic circumstances, those numbers have fallen sharply. The flow has reduced significantly – by more than half from the busiest years, proving we are in a much different environment than we were before.

— Janet Napolitano

Let’s see if I’ve got this right: Because the economy is so bad and jobs are so scarce that fewer foreign workers are breaking the law to come here, Napolitano says we should give permanent work permits to 7 million current illegal foreign workers.

And it got worse.

Businesses must be able find the workers they need here in America, rather than having to move overseas.

— Janet Napolitano

Let me get this straight: First she implies that any business in America right now can’t find workers? And she also seems to suggest that if pay is so low, working conditions so rotten and benefits so scarce that no American will work for a business, that business has to be provided with a foreign semi-slave? That is the Obama Administration’s idea of the U.S. competing in the global economy?

In the midst of the bad economy that is keeping illegal immigration lower, she pitched “comprehensive immigration reform” to dramatically increase the numbers of new legal foreign workers to be brought in permanently each year. Is she aware that the nation’s high unemployment rate is probably Pres. Obama’s biggest domestic problem right now?

INSANITY EXHIBIT C: Former Bush Administration and Mexico officials and a panel of elites agrees that Mexico should stop the mass illegal migration into our country — AFTER we give an amnesty to the millions of illegals already here.

The bi-national task force was co-chaired by Robert C. Bonner, a top customs official for both Bush Administrations.

The Washington Post reported this conclusion of the task force:

If the United States legalizes most of its illegal immigrants and allows for a flexible flow of legal workers, Mexico should stop illegal immigration from its side of the border, the panel said.

OK, if this panel of experts from big-name universities, think tanks and government agencies believes that Mexico will be able to stop the illegal flow AFTER an amnesty, why not just do it now!!!!

But like most of our nation’s elites, these experts can’t imagine that it would be a good thing for 7 million unemployed Americans to have the jobs that 7 million illegal aliens currently hold.

And notice that the amnesty isn’t enough. Mexico shouldn’t be expected to stop encouraging and helping its citizens to break our immigration laws to take jobs from U.S. citizens until we dramatically increase the number of Mexicans legally allowed to take jobs from U.S. citizens.

INSANITY EXHIBIT D: The Census Bureau is enlisting foreign consulates to help count illegal aliens next year.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

In an effort to allay any fears between the immigrant community and federal authorities, officials with the 2010 Census met with consuls of several Latin American countries to ask for support in their communities to spread the word about the importance of being counted.

Does anybody worry a little about the signal that is being sent to illegal aliens. How are they supposed to know that the American people — and U.S. laws — want them to go home, when federal officials ask their home country governments to lobby them to step forward to cooperate with federal officials BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR — THE GOVERNMENT WILL DO NOTHING TO INTERFERE WITH YOUR ABILITY TO ILLEGALLY TAKE JOBS FROM U.S. CITIZENS.

The immigration status of the individual is an issue that has generated some fear among immigrants’, said Eddie Bedon, Ecuador’s Consul General. ‘The Office of the Census has assured us that the confidentiality of the information will be safeguarded.’ . . . ‘For Ecuador, the information gleaned from the census will be very important. The statistics regarding the number of Ecuadoreans who live and work here will help us meet their needs, and defend their rights and interests’.

Mighty glad that Census is using taxpayer money to work with foreign governments to defend the full rights and interests of their citizens who are breaking our laws and illegally driving up the American unemployment rate.

William Jarquin, Consul of El Salvador, also affirmed that his government is committed to working with the census. ‘For Salvadorans it is extremely important because we need to know just how many of us are out there’.

Well, folks there are a million stories of insanity in The Naked City in which the emperor and most federal politicians and officials wear garments spun with invisible logic and see-through compassion — these were just four of them.

— ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA

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