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Mingling with the Activists during my Boston Media Blitz

By Andre Barnes

My trip to Boston was amazing! I gave two presentations, had an OP-ED published, and completed a radio show. I was out in Boston with the movers and shakers, who are pushing back against the open border narratives. I also had an opportunity to meet with a few community members and let them know more … Continued

Sprawl is the top driver of America’s nature loss. It’s time to confront the top driver of America’s sprawl.

By Rob Harding

Think globally, act locally, set an example This week’s International Day for Biological Diversity invites us to “be part of the Plan.” The Plan refers to the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework, also known as the Biodiversity Plan. For those of us in the U.S., our collective efforts to stop America’s loss of nature are contributing … Continued

Math reflects Mayhem on the Border

By James Massa

NumbersUSA explains how unprecedented border crossings are impacted by effort of President of Mexico

Census data reveals 2 million increase in foreign-born population under Pres. Biden

By Eric Ruark

Last month the Center for Immigration Studies released a report on the increase in the foreign-born population in the United States since President Biden took office on January 21, 2021. The report by Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler found, not surprisingly, that it had increased by two million and that this increase was “driven … Continued

2021 Immigration Review & 2022 Outlook for Workers

By Lisa Irving

Immigration was a significant part of the Biden administration’s agenda in 2021, irrespective of the minimized media attention it garnered. These stories, however, covered top immigration news over the past twelve months, including executive actions, record border crossings, the administration’s focus on “root causes,” low polling, and amnesty in Build Back Better legislation. 2021 In … Continued

Camarota: A ‘Trump Effect’ Has Slowed Immigration to the U.S.

By Eric Ruark

Dr. Steven Camarota, Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies, published a report last week on net migration (the difference between the number of people entering and the number leaving the U.S. in a given year) since 2010. He found that the “immigrant population (legal and illegal) has grown much more slowly since … Continued

Sustainable Immigration (part 1 of 4): American Workers

By Jeremy Beck

This is the first of four blogs concerning immigration-sustainability questions policy makers should address. Since 1990, immigration numbers have been higher than in any other period in U.S. history. Over the last two decades, immigration has averaged about 1 million people per year, or three times our traditional average. Today’s immigration policies will profoundly impact … Continued

Recent Media On Capturing Hispanic Vote Misses That Most Hispanics Think Immigration Too High

By Roy Beck

Highly paid PR firms for the open-borders lobby have gotten stories in many major newspapers this month suggesting that the only way to attract the Hispanic vote is to favor a comprehensive amnesty and also an increase in foreign workers. But a massive Zogby poll shows Hispanic views to be quite different. If 56% of … Continued

OUR NEW AD — Pushing Jobs/Immigration Numbers Too Hot For Mainstream Media (here are the sources)

By Roy Beck

Take a look at the ad we are running with allies to force Congress to look at the 125,000 foreign workers they are bringing in each month to compete with jobless Americans. The ad is full of numbers that the mainstream media continue to refuse to disclose to the public. The bias that allow the … Continued