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Harris’ Immigration Grade: 1% (F-minus); lower than Biden’s

By Jeremy Beck

Kamala Harris’ NumbersUSA grade during her time in Congress was 1 percent. By comparison, Joe Biden’s Congressional Grade Card was 34% and J.D. Vance’s is 90% (Trump did not serve in Congress). Click on the links to view their full Grade Cards. NumbersUSA issues a grade for every member of Congress based on their support … Continued

Amnesty & Indifference

By Jeremy Beck

If Mayor Adams took a tour of U.S. communities with low levels of immigration, he’d find American teenagers working as lifeguards. Employers who offer competitive wages and flexible hours to teens find a willing workforce. Increases in low-wage immigrant employment, on the other hand, has been found to decrease work for teens.

Free rent and a pool…but not for you.

By Jeremy Beck

New York is granting a year of free rent for apartments with swimming pool access while the city has undergone two rounds of budget cuts (a proposed third round was delayed after an influx of taxpayer money). Gov. Hochel in New York has been telling unauthorized aliens to “go somewhere else.”

“Protections from racism, like all civil rights, depend on a national border.”

By Jeremy Beck

The collapsed Francis Scott Key bridge had barely touched the water before the cheap labor lobbyists started talking to the Biden administration about giving reconstruction companies millions of reasons not to hire Black Americans for the rebuild.

Will Biden use bridge tragedy to pass an amnesty?

By Jeremy Beck

Advocates of cheap, illegal labor are using the Baltimore bridge tragedy to urge President Biden to bypass Congress – and American workers – to help businesses hire people who are in the country illegally. According to multiple reports, the Biden administration is warming to the idea.

Leveraging Hollywood: The Power of Film in Immigration Reform Advocacy

By admin

In a groundbreaking move that merges the worlds of advocacy and entertainment, NumbersUSA has partnered with noted Hollywood filmmaker, Namrata Singh Gujral, to shed light on the critical issues surrounding national security and immigration policy.

State E-Verify Statutes

By Chris Pierce

States have taken action to reduce hiring illegal aliens: learn more about E-Verify statutes and their requirements. Discover more.

Biden Legal Pathways Strategy Meets Reality

By Jared Culver

As we prepare to leave January 2024 behind (already!?), the Biden Administration has finally confirmed that there were a record 371,436 encounters of illegal immigrants nationwide, with 302,034 of those encounters at the border, alone, in just this past December. The Administration also bragged about recruiting and releasing, under parole, approximately 327,000 individuals from countries … Continued

Government Says Asylum Fraud is “Endemic” and Reason System is “Broken”

By Chris Chmielenski

Immigration Attorney Julia Greenberg was convicted of defrauding the asylum system late last year and is approaching her sentencing date soon. Along with an organization called “Russian America,” Greenberg coached clients to lie under oath and fabricated false stories for their asylum applications. This even included having an applicant pretend he was homosexual to boost … Continued