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Amnesty & Indifference

By Jeremy Beck

If Mayor Adams took a tour of U.S. communities with low levels of immigration, he’d find American teenagers working as lifeguards. Employers who offer competitive wages and flexible hours to teens find a willing workforce. Increases in low-wage immigrant employment, on the other hand, has been found to decrease work for teens.

The Department of Labor and the ‘Child Labor Tax’

By Jared Culver

A working theory of government is that they can reduce undesirable behavior by taxing it. When the government wanted to reform the health insurance industry, they imposed a tax penalty for citizens who refused to buy health insurance. The government taxes early distributions of retirement savings accounts because it wants to discourage early withdrawals. This … Continued

New Regulations Demonstrate H2 Visas Need Real Reform

By Jared Culver

Both the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) have noticed new regulations designed to protect foreign workers from the explosion of exploitation within the labor market. While the attempts to stop the exploitation should be applauded, the new regulations are correctly understood as mere Band-Aids on deep … Continued

“So they were forced, essentially, to hire African Americans.”

By Jeremy Beck

100 years ago: Bipartisan support for transformative immigration reform. Doesn’t that sound nice? It was the Immigration Act of 1924 that “really changed the world,” by essentially forcing employers to hire Black Americans.

“Protections from racism, like all civil rights, depend on a national border.”

By Jeremy Beck

The collapsed Francis Scott Key bridge had barely touched the water before the cheap labor lobbyists started talking to the Biden administration about giving reconstruction companies millions of reasons not to hire Black Americans for the rebuild.

Other nations are addressing unsustainable immigration

By Jeremy Beck

April, 2024 New Zealand and Australia are cutting unsustainable immigration to deal with soaring housing prices and overwhelmed infrastructure; and to prioritize the domestic workforce.  Switzerland is holding a referendum to reduce immigration to address “housing shortages and rising rents, traffic jams on the roads, crowded trains and buses, falling standards of schools, increasing violence … Continued

Will Biden use bridge tragedy to pass an amnesty?

By Jeremy Beck

Advocates of cheap, illegal labor are using the Baltimore bridge tragedy to urge President Biden to bypass Congress – and American workers – to help businesses hire people who are in the country illegally. According to multiple reports, the Biden administration is warming to the idea.

Tyson Foods Both Closing Plants AND Seeking More Migrant Labor

By Jared Culver

This week has seen reports that Tyson Foods is anxious to hire recent asylum seekers.

Al Bartlett’s prescience on how immigration makes America less sustainable.

By Henry Barbaro

Bartlett points out that immigration, both legal and illegal, is the largest component of population growth in the U.S., and that continued immigration is the largest threat to sustainability of the United States. “Indeed, members of the two political parties vie with each other to see which party can produce legislation that will let in the largest annual flow of legal immigrants,” he writes.