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Being a ‘home-grown’ terrorist doesn’t mean immigration policy irrelevant

author Published by Roy Beck

I’m seeing a lot about “home-grown” terrorists from news media and open-borders enthusiasts.

They seem to be suggesting that the fact that many of the perpetrators were not recent immigrants means that immigration policies don’t play a significant role in {text} and the next target cities.

Of course, there are many factors other than immigration behind these atrocities. But regardless of whether these bad guys arrived in a country six months ago or lived their whole lives there, nearly every one of them operated from within immigrant communities.

Experts on organized crime have long noted that big foreign-culture communities unintentionally serve asevery nationality that has immigrated to America over the last 200 years in a large wave has brought with it a new organized crime network. It isn’t that those nationalities are filled with criminals. But the large unassimilated number of a nationality in a foreign land provides a space for the bad guys to swim with much less chance of detection.

For half a century, promiscuous immigration policies in Europe and the United States have been filling these “enabling pools” faster than assimilation has been able to empty them.

While security forces in our countries work to protect against the next terrorist attack, our{text}

  • Eliminate chain migration that brings in unending flows of distant relatives of an original immigrant.

  • Eliminate the visa lottery that brings in people by raffle.

  • Eliminate employment-based visas for workers who have skills that unemployed Americans have.

And for now, a change in our long-standing goals, enact a moratorium on all refugee resettlement until Americans can be guaranteed of the safety of the program. In the meantime, the U.S. should concentrate on helping far more refugees find safe, healthy refuge in their home region.

During an era of Brussels, Paris and San Bernardino, we should restrict immigration to:
(a) spouses and minor children of immigrants already here,
(b) marriages and adoptions by U.S. citizens,
© workers with extraordinary skills in the national interest.

ROY BECK is Founder & President of NumbersUSA

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