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Be Counted Against Amnesty Today

author Published by Anne Manetas

Update 1:04 AM Monday

Roy and Rosemary have spent the last several hours at the Park Police headquarters.  They report good news that Roy’s guard has been released from custody, although he is ordered to appear in court to defend himself next month.  He was falsely charged with assault by one of the mimes after Park Police ordered her to stop harassing Roy.  It was difficult seeing him led away in handcuffs from the Mall after his afternoon of protecting Roy from the constant efforts at crushing physical intimidation.

While at the headquarters, Roy filed assault charges with the Park Police against all the mimes and their SEIU handlers.     

Update 5:05 PM
After threatening Roy, the mimes were ordered by Park Police to remain between 7th and 14th streets. Then they huddled and one ran to Park Police claiming one of Roy’s African American bodyguards had assaulted her. Park Police were forced to investigate and arrest the bodyguard pending investigation. You have seen the videos folks, the same ones we will provide to the police to clear this situation. Both Chad and Roy have been shoved, bumped, whistled and screamed at, etc. yet have not pushed back.

NumbersUSA places the blame for federal immigration policies on Congress, not the immigrants marching today on Capitol Hill. Some march organizers are accusing us of bigotry and hate. There HAS been a lot of hateful speech today but it has all been aimed at us.

4:10PM – Report from our ground crew:

The “swat team” of the Park Police just ordered Roy and our cameraman to vacate the Mall between 7th and 14th Street, and stopped traffic to escort them across the street to the east side of 7th Street. We were told by the Park Police that the pro-amnesty marchers were threatening violence against Roy. When the mimes with the whistles and balloons tried to follow us to the East side of 7th Street, they were ordered by the Park Police to return to between 7th and 14th. This means Roy is now interviewing marchers right outside the march as they come and go without interruption. Leaders from the other side are furious, no doubt.

2:05PM – Report from Chad MacDonald

It is very hot on the National Mall right now. About an hour ago while taking live footage of the “March for America” I noticed a young man standing next to me. After moving through the crowd, I realized that he was my handler, my shadow, he was there to follow me. Then things got worse.

I meet up for Roy Beck and walked him over to the rally in anticipation of talking and debating individuals on immigration. Then we were attacked and surrounded and yelled at! We were there for a peaceful debate. You can see the footage. A bunch of “mimes” in white face with balloons pushed themselves in front of our camera, in front of our microphones, and in front of our faces. They were blowing hateful whistles at us and making the whole situation very uncomfortable.

Watch what they did to our peaceful debate. More to come… we’re going back in!

100,000 pro-amnesty marchers are expected on the mall later today. NumbersUSA will be there. If you are reading this on our website, you are being counted as being with us in standing against amnesty.

This is a counter-march. Even for a few moments, your work with NumbersUSA will help out-number the pro-amnesty marchers. Nearly all of NumbersUSA’s staff has volunteered to spend the day at the National Mall with a predicted 100,000 pro-amnesty marchers. Our staff will be streaming video of the march, of our commentary and of Roy’s encounters with the marchers. It is all being reported here directly from the Mall. Our web live streaming of the march starts at 2 p.m. (Eastern)

Have you sent the new faxes?

Make sure you have cleared your Action Board of all action opportunities.

• We need more faxes sent this weekend than the number of pro-amnesty marchers.

• We need more of you watching our web coverage of the March between 2 and 6 p.m. (Eastern) today than the number of pro-amnesty marchers.

The news media will be watching these numbers to see if you are as significant a political force as the tens of thousands of people being bused into the Capital today.

Your views count. Watch at home. March online. Be part of our virtual rally.

This is your/our 3rd day of the “S.T.O.P. Amnesty in 4 Days” campaign. You’ve already sent more than 30,000 faxes and signed more than 30,000 petitions, with more than 7,000 of you having volunteered to visit the local offices of your Congressmen on Friday. But we need to show a lot more strength than that.

Be sure and take a look at Chad MacDonald’s video on the home page showing the extravagant and expensive setup the pro-amnesty marchers had in place on Saturday. They are equating this march for illegal foreign visitors with all the civil rights marches of the past for full legal rights for U.S. citizens.

Thank you for standing with the 25 million Americans who cannot find a full-time job. Let’s STOP Amnesty in its tracks.

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