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This was my statement to the national media tonight:

Today Republican voters again expressed their feelings of betrayal by the Republican Party establishment. Trump was elevated with his promises to defy the party leaders on immigration expansionism in which the concerns of workers are a low priority. The Iowa and New Hampshire contests have been won by the two candidates -- Cruz and Trump -- who have most clearly championed immigration policies that support American workers."

The victor in both parties was the candidate most critical of the country's policies as rigged against the wage earners.

Sanders in his victory speech emphasized the role of special interests in the decisions by political leaders for policies that work against the interests of regular working Americans. He has shown signs in the past of understanding that nearly open borders are part of the rigged system. Unfortunately on the immigration issue, he lines himself up with Wall Street and the giant campaign donors. This is one of the Democratic leadership's acts of abandonment of American workers as a priority that Sanders has been corrupted by. Maybe there is hope that Democrats and Independents among us might help him at some point to get back to his principles on this.

On the Republican side, half of Republican voters told CNN exit pollsters they feel betrayed by the Republican Party. No wonder. Republican candidates took over Congress in the 2014 election by promising voters they would stop executive overreach on immigration and that they would address the lack of job opportunities and wage stagnation. Trump cashed in tonight on promises to defy the party leaders on immigration expansionism and free trade agreements that don't give priority to the interests of the nation's workers.

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