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DALLAS, Sept. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NumbersUSA launched TV ads in Dallas-Fort Worth and Harlingen-Brownsville-McAllen, Texas today calling on President Obama to stop talking amnesty and start securing the Texas border. The ads call attention to costs associated with increased flows of illegal aliens as a result of the Obama administration's past amnesty, ongoing calls for amnesty and actions to dismantle immigration enforcement. The ads are funded by the 250,000 Texas members of NumbersUSA.

"In this case, talk is not cheap," commented Roy Beck, President of Numbers USA. "President Obama's previous amnesty and his ongoing amnesty rhetoric are costing Texans big in terms of jobs, poverty, education, healthcare and gang crime. That's not fair to Texas taxpayers and workers."

Since President Obama took office, he's taken more than 50 executive actions encouraging more illegal immigration, including amnesty and numerous actions to dismantle immigration enforcement. The President has also repeatedly promised amnesty for illegal aliens since he took office. The result has been a spike in illegal border crossings, most recently highlighted by an unprecedented surge of children and teenagers crossing into Texas, adding to already strained Texas resources. Just last weekend, the President reiterated his intention to enact another amnesty following November midterm elections, providing yet another enticement for people to rush the border.

While Texas fared better economically than many states in the Great Recession, the state has one of the nation's highest poverty rates; one of the highest rates of uninsured; more uninsured children than any other state; one of the lowest rates of high school graduation; high levels of gang violence; 666,000 people unemployed and tens of thousands more unable to find full time jobs.

"It's a shame the President refused to visit the border on his last trip to Texas," commented Beck. "Seeing the chaos and the impact it's having on people's lives might have helped him better understand what Texans are experiencing."

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Fall 2014: Illegal-Alien Border Surge Ad in Texas

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