Agricultural Lobby

The Agricultural lobby is a powerful opponent of state legislatures who want to verify the legal status of workers or reduce illegal immigration through interior enforcement, both of which the Ag lobby views as a threat to its illegal labor supply.  However, U.S. citizens comprise 25 percent of all domestic crop laborers. Another 21 percent are legal immigrants.  Yet the media is conspicuously silent on these legal farm workers.


President Trump Pushes Strong Borders, Refugee Reform at UN


President Donald J. Trump spoke at the UN General Assembly for the first time today, and while he spoke on a great number of subjects, including North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons and the Iran nuclear deal, the president took time to speak in support of strong borders to control mass immigration and in support of housing refugees close to their countries of origin.

Ten Steps to Fix the Broken Immigration Enforcement System

Politicians who push for increasing legal immigration levels will often make reference to the "Broken Immigration System". By fixing the "broken system" what they really want is to dismantle enforcement and make it easier for employers to access cheap, foreign labor. But they often ignore the real broken pieces within our immigration system that drive more illegal immigration and harm national security and public safety.