Wage Depression

The current level of immigration has a depressive effect on the wages of workers in the United States. On average, the United States has admitted one million immigrants every year since 1990. In addition, between 700,000 and 800,000 guest workers are admitted every year. There are 28.4 million immigrants in the labor force, including over 7.5 million illegal aliens.

Reduce Unnecessary Worker Visas

A pragmatic look at foreign worker policy

The effect of legal immigration on the United States is in proportion to its volume and composition.

Ideally, who and how many immigrants we admit would be a reflection of informed public will, legislated with deliberation and consistently enforced. The reality, however, is quite different. Our immigration system is a hodge-podge of laws, executive orders and administrative regulations that lack intention, oversight and a clear purpose as to the stated outcome.


New Citizen Group Forms from Disney H1-B Scandal

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  by  Melanie Oubre

After the New York Times published a story in June covering how Walt Disney World forced American employees to train their foreign-worker replacements, outrage surfaced across the country.  A group of concerned citizens decided to do something about it by forming the organization Boycott Disney Now.


Report: Disney IT Restructuring Favored Foreign Guest Workers Over Americans


Computerworld’s Patrick Thibodeau examined a restructuring of IT operations at Disney’s Parks and Resorts division last year and found the company replaced American workers with contractor-based guest workers. The laid-off workers he interviewed said Disney’s restructuring, which the company claims was meant to refocus resources on innovation, was motivated by cost cutting and unnecessary since there was no “skills gap” among existing workers.