Testifying before Congress in 1995, Chairwoman of the U.S Commission on Immigration Reform, Barbara Jordan, said, "The Commission believes it is essential to control illegal immigration if we are to have a credible immigration policy. We believe legal immigration is in the national interest, but see illegal immigration as a threat both to our long tradition of immigration and to our commitment to the rule of law."

Recent administrations have failed to stop the flow of illegal border crossings, jeopardizing national sovereignty. Since the 1986 amnesty, more than 11 million illegal aliens have now settled in the United States, and the country knows very little about who they are or what their intentions may be. It’s a threat to the our national security and a threat to our sovereignty.

But it's not just illegal immigration that is the threat. Mass uncontrolled legal immigration prevents new immigrants from properly assimilating into American society. The Jordan Commission recommended that the federal government "take an active role in helping newcomers become self-reliant: orienting immigrants and receiving communities about their mutual rights and responsibilities, providing information they need for successful integration, and encouraging the development of local capacities to mediate divisions between groups.”

National Sovereignty