The Big Business Lobbyists are used to geetting nearly everything they want from politicians in Washington, D.C. when it comes to favoring cheap foreign labor over unemployed Americans. This is a bi-partisan problem.

According to a 2009 Obama executive order, government contractors and subcontractors will no longer be obliged to verify all employees working on the government contract. Instead, they will only have to verify those employees who are hired specifically for the contract and are hired after the company receives the government contract. This change will allow illegal aliens to easily acquire government-funded jobs. This, however, looks like a total surrender to the Lobbyists of Greed.

Senator Sessions defends the American worker and criticizes fellow Republicans who are only interested in catering to big business.

A few in our party will argue that immigration reform must “serve the needs of businesses.” What about the needs of workers? Since when did we did we accept the idea that the immigration policy for our entire nation—with all its lasting social, economic, and moral implications—should be tailored to suit the financial interests of a few CEOs? 

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