The Washington Times reports White House Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Munoz told amnesty advocates that President Obama will not pardon illegal aliens prior to leaving office. She said a pardon does not apply to immigration cases and is not a permanent solution.

Days after the election, illegal-alien advocates started pressuring Obama to pardon all illegal aliens before he leaves office. Congressional Democrats issued their plea shortly thereafter for the 740,000 participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

But in a podcast today Munoz said, “It’s ultimately not [the way to protect illegal aliens] for a couple reasons. One is that pardon authority is generally designed for criminal violations, not civil. But also it doesn’t confer legal status. Only Congress can do that. So ultimately it wouldn’t protect a single soul from deportation.”

A group seeking a pardon for all illegal aliens is scheduled to protest at the White House Thursday.

Read more in The Washington Times.

Obama's executive amnesty
Rewards for Illegal Aliens

Updated: Tue, Nov 29th 2016 @ 4:15pm EST

Jeff 2418 of PA's picture

I believe that Obama will still pardon them just to cause chaos and anger after he leaves office.  He is a back stabbing creep who is all for what is best for foreign nationals over the interests of legal Americans and who should never have been allowed to serve as president.

Jon 8777 of NY's picture

I find it hard to believe that president obama has the right to pardon millions of illegal alien invaders after the courts have already ruled that his executive orders on the same issue were deemed to be illegal.

I just hope that President Trump will keep to his campaign promises of securing our borders and deporting or at least creating conditions that will force illegal alien invaders to self deport and go back to their home countries.

I further hope that President Trump will not be taken in by the likes of paul ryan and others who want to flood this country with cheap foreign labor.  paul ryan is a disgusting American politician who on the one hand talks about securing the border then says we need to increase legal immigration under the H1B and H2B visa program.  He states emphatically that we do not have enough American citizens qualified to work in the STEM industries. paul ryan is bought and paid for by the chamber of commerce and big businesses they represent.  I believe that President Trump should speak directly to the college age kids who are out of work and ask them what they think about that statement. 

President Trump should put paul ryan and the rest of Congress on the spot and ask them if they believe that it is proper and correct that companies like Disney replaces their American citizen/workers by importing cheap foreign labor under the proposition that we don't have enough qualified workers.

The American citizens must keep the pressure on all the aristocratic political elites in Washington and let them know that American citizenship does have meaning, that we are a sovereign nation and not an employment office for the worlds cheapest labor force.

American citizens should not have to compete with cheap foreign labor for jobs in our own country.  It should be further noted that ALL those who believe in increasing legal immigration under the H1B and the H2B visa programs are those who will never have to worry about competing against or being replaced by cheap foreign labor. 

Wouldn't it be a real treat to turn on one of the news show and see a bunch of foreigners sitting the the spots of chris mathews and others who push increases in immigration.  It would amazing to see their faces when they would be told "hey chris your replaced by a foreigner under the H1B visa program because they are more qualified.

It is time that paul ryan and others of his ilk take down the sign that says;


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Van 0864 of VA's picture

He doesn't have the authority because this is a civil, not criminal matter. The district and appeals court rulings on DAPA/extended DACA have no bearing here

Jon 8777 of NY's picture

There are many things he did not have the authority to do, it did not stop him from doing them any ways.  He just created a big mess that no one is willing to fight against, at least not until Trump came along.

Andrew 2056 of NY's picture

Is this a civil matter? I believe illegal entry is a misdemeanor at first and on further attempts a felony, but overstaying a visa is a civil matter. 

John 3870 of CA's picture

Obama, Hillary and many others have stood before camera and sternly warned that "We are a nation of laws" Then hypocritically and illegally act against laws they don't like. We cannot just pick and chose which laws to enforce and encourage/reward those who break our laws. Identity politics says that it is moral to treat people differently if it furthers their extreme/biased views . Then they and the media slander anybody who objects with hateful labels to silence all discussion and demonize all opponents.  They feel they alone are entitled to their own "facts". There is something very irrational and immoral about this hypocritical way of thinking. 

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Jon 8777 of NY's picture

Yeah and hillary clinton and many others stood before cameras and proclaimed that we are a nation of immigrants, well I for one do not consider myself an immigrant since I was born here to parents who were born here, my ancestors were immigrants who came to this country under the laws that existed at the time to become American citizens, assimilated and learned the language they did not as far as I know wave the German flag and demand that the rest of the country should speak German.

I do not believe too many of the Founding Fathers were immigrants either.

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James 7427 of KS's picture

I think President Obama and his administration might have belatedly realized that their unconstitutional executive actions concerning immigration have not done them nor the Democratic Party any favors where the electorate is concerned.

Van 0864 of VA's picture

Hmm, wonder if it's a function of the system changes we're implementing. We'll check it out. Thanks for reporting this, although we would prefer that you use the system we set up. Look under About Us on the blue bar, then under Contact. Or you can email me at

D. Mark 2649 of NE's picture

The Obame Administration has already let thousands of illegal immigrants into the United States which now we have ten to twenty million of them here and we do not know who they are, where they are nor what they are doing?  We do know where a few thousand are, they are in our jails and prisons. In FY-2014 the fifty States sent 28,636 non-U.S. Citizens to our Federal Prison System at an average cost to the taxpayers per inmate of $30,619.85 ($83.89) per day.  Do you wonder how many of our Citizens would like to have $30,619.85 per year to live on?

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