According to The Washington Times, the Trump Admin. said on Monday that it fully supports Rep. Bob Goodlatte's H.R. 4760, the Securing America's Future Act, and encouraged House leadership to pass the legislation in an effort to put pressure on the Senate.

“The White House right now is fully committed to the Goodlatte bill and trying to pass the Goodlatte bill out of the House,” a senior administration official told The Washington Times.

Though the White House’s support for the Goodlatte bill is nothing new, recent statements from top officials indicated that the Trump Admin. has clearly prioritized its passage through the House.. House Speaker Paul Ryan has assured Pres. Trump that that the GOP will aggressively whip the bill to garner the needed 218 in order to pass it in the lower chamber.

“That is really the name of the game — getting a bill out of the House,” administration officials said. “I’m confident they will be able to find a way to get there.”

The officials’ statements come just weeks after the Senate voted down all four DACA amnesty proposals earlier this month.

NumbersUSA endorses Rep. Goodlatte's H.R. 4760, which would grant amnesty with renewable work permits to 694,000 DACA recipients, end Chain Migration, eliminate the Visa Lottery, bolster border security, increase interior enforcement, and mandate E-Verify for all employers within two years.


Updated: Wed, Mar 14th 2018 @ 12:05pm EDT