A recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau projects that the United States population will soar to 404 million by the year 2060, primarily because of the 1.5 million illegal and legal immigrants pouring into the country annually. With 326 million people currently residing in the U.S., immigration alone will increase that number by a staggering 78 million people over the course of just 40 years.

NumbersUSA President Roy Beck say that this unsustainable growth in the U.S., especially in already densely populated regions, will spur on a massive deterioration in the quality of life for Americans by damaging the country’s infrastructure and environment.

"Population increases are not natural ... It’s driven by immigration and their descendants. Unlike a country like Australia, we don’t have a debate about that."

"We ought to have that debate: Should Congress drive us to 400 million people?

"We have a forced population growth program in this country. It’s...something the American people have not chosen. The government forces this. It’s the mirror image of China. China wants less population growth. Congress wants more population growth. [Emphasis added]

"There’s very little that you could say that changes the lives of Americans more than population growth.

"You add 75M people and what we know, you need another housing unit for every 2.2 people. The average housing unit has about 2.2 people in. You will need 35 million new housing units. [Emphasis added]

"You can go up, you can become denser. You cannot add 75M new people without expanding suburbs. In previous decades, areas of farmland the size of Maryland were destroyed to handle population growth. They not only need places to live, but it takes a lot of land for every person. [Emphasis added]"

Beck added that the Dallas-Houston-San Antonio is counted among regions facing the challenges of an ever-increasing population.

"That area is on its way to becoming jammed ..."

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Updated: Fri, Mar 30th 2018 @ 2:20pm EDT