A senior-level law enforcement source with CBP in the Rio Grande Valley, who shared the information anonymously due to the Administration’s orders not to discuss the ongoing border crisis, told Breitbart News of a new plan to reward illegal aliens who willfully break U.S. laws.

The plan radically diverges from how illegal aliens have been processed in the past and ORDERS Border Patrol agents to immediately release alien families without notifying the immigration courts or even issuing a Notice to Appear.

Without a Notice to Appear, the aliens are free to travel about the country and are not placed into the immigration court system.

The Texas branch of Breitbart News confirmed the report with a second official operating within the Customs and Border Protection department, they stated:

This is insane, it is another [magnet] that will overwhelm us. We are creating another entirely different class of aliens we will have to deal with years from now. We will never find most of these aliens once they are released.

The CBP source believes this to be an impossible feat for the immigration courts to achieve. He further added, “If we can’t process them with our staffing of thousands and are being overwhelmed, the minimal staffing of court clerks around the country will never catch up — even if the migrant shows up [willfully].”

Alien families will simply have to submit a claim for asylum to be released without a Notice to Appear. When officials encounter illegal aliens crossing the border, a one-sheet report is filed, a photograph of the alien is taken, and officials ask which city the alien/s intend to travel to. The migrant is then asked to report to the nearest immigration court when they arrive to place themselves into formal removal proceedings.

The new process relies solely on the illegal alien truthfully telling officials what city they plan to travel to in the United States, and then willfully placing themselves into formal removal processings when they arrive at said city.

To make matters worse, under the new practice immigration courts cannot order the removal of an alien in absentia for failing to appear for a court date. In absentia removals allowed immigration officials to remove illegal alien without appeal if they are later encountered after failing to show up for their court date.

But because of Biden’s new policies illegal aliens will not receive notices to appear. Thus the courts will have no knowledge of these aliens even being in the country to begin with, should the alien not turn themselves in once reaching their destination of choice somewhere in the country's interior.

The CBP source did note that the new procedure is only being implemented in the Rio Grande Valley Sector of the Border Patrol in South Texas, for the time being.

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Updated: Mon, Apr 5th 2021 @ 3:25pm EDT