Coming under fire in recent weeks for employing illegal workers, the Trump Organization has announced that it will use E-Verify at all of its properties. Pres. Trump called for nationwide use of E-Verify as a candidate, but he has backed off mandating it for all businesses since entering the White House.

"We are actively engaged in uniforming this process across our properties and will institute E-Verify at any property not currently utilizing this system," Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, said. "As a company we take this obligation very seriously and when faced with a situation in which an employee has presented false and fraudulent documentation, we will take appropriate action."

Just last week, the Trump National Golf Club in upstate New York came under fire when it terminated several illegal aliens. Attorneys for the illegal workers allege that the club's manager knew they were illegal when they hired them.

NumbersUSA President and Founder Roy Beck issued the following statement:

"The Trumps’ decision to run all new hires through E-Verify sets a great example for the rest of the nation's employers to stop trying to be document experts and let the inexpensive, easy-to-use, federal on-line verification system do the job for them. Much embarrassment for businesses and hardship for workers could be avoided if E-Verify were mandatory and only legal workers employed by all employers."

In FY2018, more than 40 million new hires were run through E-Verify at 2.7 million hiring sites across the country. Requiring all employers to use E-Verify is one of NumbersUSA's 5 Great Immigration-Reduction Solutions.

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Updated: Wed, Feb 13th 2019 @ 10:10am EST