Sen. Tom Cotton is warning his fellow lawmakers not to be "fooled" by Joe Biden's unprecedented upcoming blanket amnesty of 11 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States, which Cotton says will do nothing but pay "lip service" to immigration enforcement around the country.

In addition to trading a massive amnesty for zero increased enforcement, Biden also plans to announce legislation to provide a "pathway to citizenship" for millions of other aliens; as well as making illegal aliens eligible for legal permanent residence after five years and for U.S. citizenship after another three years, a faster path to citizenship than in other bills in recent history.

Cotton, author of the RAISE Act to boost U.S. wages by reducing legal immigration, urged Republicans that the plan will likely "add a fig leaf of 'security' and 'enforcement'" and will be labeled as a "'compromise'" piece of legislation despite being "the most radical immigration bill in American history," reports Breitbart News.

Cotton astutely slammed the plan as placing the interests of corporate special interests like Silicon Vally and Wall Street pursuing cheap foreign labor over the needs of over 18 million jobless Americans and another more than six million underemployed Americans.

Senator Cotton continued:

Joe Biden is wasting no time trying to enact his radical immigration agenda. He's unveiling his draft immigration bill this week, and it's what you'd expect from the party of open borders: Total amnesty, no regard for the health or security of Americans, and zero enforcement.

The Biden plan is bad for American workers and bad for economic recovery. American unemployment is sharply increasing with over a million new unemployment claims in the first week of January. Bringing in more immigrant labor will only worsen the problem & further reduce wages.

Biden also plans to immediately undo pandemic border closures. The lack of testing and controls at the border will mean a massive increase in the spread of the virus. Americans understand this, which is why 78 percent support keeping the borders closed.

Let's be clear: Joe Biden is prioritizing amnesty ahead of the pandemic or getting Americans back to work. We can't let him get away with it.

"Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Susan Collins (R-ME) have previously suggested that they are open to working with the incoming Biden administration on striking an amnesty deal. Likewise, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) reportedly told colleagues in November 2020 that finding 'common ground' with Biden on immigration 'would benefit all of us,'" reports Breitbart.

It does not take an advanced degree in economics to analyze the expected impact of such an amnesty as Americans can already see the detriments of uncontrolled mass immigration, a more flooded labor market putting already struggling working and middle-class Americans at more of a disadvantage in the labor force.

Nevertheless, economists have found that these Americans' job opportunities and wages can be easily diminished by high immigration levels.

"The high immigration policy is a boon for giant corporations, real estate investors, Wall Street, university systems, and Big Agriculture that can cash in on an economy that offers low wages to an inflated labor market where employers hold bargaining power over employees," astutely concludes the Breitbart article.

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Updated: Tue, Feb 2nd 2021 @ 11:55am EST