Republican Sens. Thom Tillis (N.C.), James Lankford (Okla.), and Orrin Hatch (Utah) introduced the Succeed Act, which would grant amnesty to millions of young illegal aliens. While the Senators claim the bill addresses Pres. Trump's concern with chain migration, it would only prevent the amnestied illegal aliens from sponsoring family members while they hold conditional legal permanent residence.

The Succeed Act would grant qualifying illegal aliens “conditional permanent residence” for ten years before being eligible for legal permanent residence (a formal green card). Under current law, green card holders can also sponsor their spouses and minor children for green cards. But the Succeed Act would prevent any qualifying illegal alien to sponsor any family members for green cards until they become citizens. Once they become naturalized citizens, no sooner than 15 years after receiving the amnesty, they can sponsor their spouses, both minor and unmarried adult children, parents and adult siblings for green cards. Effectively, the bill does not address chain migration.

Further, the bill lacks any enforcement measures that would prevent future amnesties.

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Updated: Mon, Oct 9th 2017 @ 3:50pm EDT