Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton is suing the Biden Administration, again; this time, asking the courts to make the federal government follow their own Coronavirus rules when it comes to the crisis at the Southern Border.

Paxton accurately asserts that Homeland Security has released tens of thousands of illegal aliens into the country, in clear violation of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pandemic emergency order calling for the migrants to be expelled.

Paxton said during the press conference:

More Texans will be exposed to COVID-19, more Texans will contract COVID-19, more Texans will die from COVID-19, and Texas will incur significant costs in terms of healthcare and law enforcement resources.

Still, Biden Admin. officials have not been able to explain the gross double-standard emerging at the border. Tens of thousands of illegal aliens are jumping the border without tests and while legal immigrants and even returning citizens are required to jump through numerous public health hoops to enter.

Paxton relinquished that he understands there are some case-by-case exceptions to CDC rules but Biden has long passed that point and has turned to mass releases. The AG concluded that if the Administration will not follow their own rules, they should be detaining aliens so they cannot become vectors for Covid wherever they may end up around the country.

For the full article, please visit the Washington Times.

Updated: Fri, May 7th 2021 @ 1:45pm EDT