Texas Poll: Illegal Immigration Greatest Threat To U.S.


According to the most recent University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll, Texan voters say illegal immigration is the greatest threat to the U.S. The poll was conducted before the Paris terrorist attacks and listed 11 choices for participants to chose which one they thought presented the greatest threat to America.

Out of the 1200 Texas voters polled, 22 percent chose illegal immigration as the top threat with foreign terrorist groups coming in second at 18 percent.

"Even before the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday, Texans expressed deep concern over border security,” said Daron Shaw, co-director of the poll and a professor of government at the University of Texas at Austin. 

Both Independents and Republicans listed illegal immigration as a top threat with 18 percent and 36 percent respectively. All three groups listed foreign terrorist groups as a top threat: 14 percent of Democrats, 20 percent of Independents and 21 percent or Republicans.

This trend continued when the Texas voters were asked to choose the most important problems facing their state. Immigration and border security were some of the top choices accounting for 35 percent of the responses when combined.

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Updated: Wed, Dec 2nd 2015 @ 4:05pm EST