United States District Judge Andrew S. Hanen rejected a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Texas and six other states that challenges the legality of the DACA amnesty program. The one-sentence order rejected the motion to dismiss, which was filed Tuesday by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), under the assertion that the court should either throw out the lawsuit case, put it on hold or transfer it to California.

The states that filed the lawsuit to end DACA earlier this month include Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina and West Virginia.

The decision comes after Federal Judge John Bates ruled last month that the Trump Administration's rescission of the DACA program was illegal.

Judge Hanen's ruling not only ordered the rejection of MALDEF's motion, but also ordered several deadlines for the case. The ruling gave the the federal government until June 8, 2018 to respond to the states' preliminary injunction bid, until June 15, 2018 for them to disclose the experts, and until June 29, 2018 for them to complete the discovery.

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Updated: Thu, Jun 14th 2018 @ 4:15pm EDT