The Supreme Court will consider taking up the Trump Administration’s appeal of a district court ruling that forced it to resume accepting DACA renewal applications. The Administration appealed U.S. District Judge William Alsup's ruling to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. Now both courts will consider the ruling simultaneously.

USA Today reports it is rare for the Supreme Court to grant an appeal before a lower court has ruled. Justices could consider the appeal at a conference planned for February 16th. If they accept the case, the Court may hear oral arguments this spring.

Last September, President Trump announced USCIS would stop accepting new DACA applications after October 5, 2017 and renewals after March 5, 2018. He said Congress, not the executive branch, is responsible for creating immigration policies, and charged Members to resolve the matter by March. Negotiations are continuing in earnest.

The Administration did not ask either court to block Alsup’s ruling, so USCIS is again accepting applications to renew DACA status. That means illegal aliens with DACA status can renew their work permits, even after Trump’s March deadline. Some believe this reduced the urgency of congressional negotiations.

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Updated: Tue, Feb 6th 2018 @ 2:25pm EST