Th Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to a ruling by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals that ultimately upholds two local immigration enforcement ordinances enacted by Fremont, Nebraska. One ordinance requires all businesses to use E-Verify, and the other requires all renters to obtain an occupancy license that can only be issued to U.S. citizens or foreign citizens who are in the country legally.

"The Supreme Court let stand an emphatic decision in the Eighth Circuit that rejected every argument on the merits that the ACLU and MALDEF threw at the Ordinance," said attorney Kris Kobach. "The Ordinance requires all businesses in the city to use E-Verify and it requires all tenants to obtain an occupancy license. In cases where the tenant is not a US citizen, the city then checks the aliens immigration status with the federal government, and if the alien is unlawfully present, revokes the license."

The E-Verify provision is a affirmation of the Supreme Court's ruling in 2011, Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting, where the Court determined that states can pass their own mandatory E-Verify laws. It was the rental ordinance that was under the most scrutiny, but survived through the courts despite an aggressive challenge by the ACLU and MALDEF.

The E-Verify ordinance went into effect in March 2013. The rental ordinance went into effect earlier this year.

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Updated: Wed, May 7th 2014 @ 9:03am EDT

Vince 0041 of PA's picture

OK, so how do we now campaign to get these ordinances passed nationwide, preferably at the state level? Screw the FED, the states can enforce attrition through enforcement!

None 2150 of WY's picture

I agree. Without doubt.

I just wish the political activist and illegal alien activist would stop lumping all Spanish surnames into one race. They are not one RACE!

They use this tactic to try in convince people that all Spanish surnames want illegals to have amnesty. No not true!

The illegals are making all the legal Spanish surnames look really bad. Why should they take the toll for the lousy administration and its cronies that defend illegals.

I find it amusing and odd that the illegal alien activist try to make it look like any one with a Spanish surname should be treated like their all illegals. SAD!

The legal Spanish surnames are not all behind all this BS. You can still keep your culture and still be legal the right way.

We are all Americans that are here legally. PERIOD!

The invasion must be stopped by all ILLEGAL ALIENS from all countries, mainly mexico. NOW!

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Wilma 8150 of CA's picture

Those truly in the fight fully know and understand all Spanish names do not advocate for illegals. We welcome anyone legal in this country to join the fight for our country. This is not a fight against immigrants as the opposition would love to convince anyone who will listen. All American citizens,legal immigrants belong here. Illegals do not belong here, have no right to be here, march for rights they have no rights to from a country they have absolutely no loyalty. They refuse to assimilate to be part of our country,just them imposing their culture on ours should be enough to get them out. Dang pc politicians are afraid to stand up and say our country is our country. We speak English, learn it. Our flag, honor it. You will honor our culture while here. That does not say: don't be proud of your culture, absolutely do. Languages: speak them at home, when out speak English. Our country was founded on judeo Christian background. We pray, our religious symbols should not come down as tolerance for you. You came here, assimilate. We do not go to your country and demand your culture changed because it offends us. Tolerance goes both ways! Americans need to wake up to the balkanization of our country, it's time it stopped. Question? Why are we the only country that must tolerate,diversify,not secure our borders all at the peril of our culture and country! What other countrys' borders are not secure, or gets flak from other countries when we try. Really? In what world is that okay?

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Octavia 3648 of CA's picture

I join you with a wholehearted AMEN! At last a little respect for the sovereignty of the United States of America and its citizens.

Van 0864 of VA's picture

We can look into starting a campaign. The precedent only extends to the jurisdiction of the 8th circuit, which includes Nebraska, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas.

Allen 6442 of WA's picture

It takes a lot of time and effort, but I've been doing this for several years now and over half of the towns and counties in SW Washington State have passed ordinances requiring E-Verify for all jobs, or as a minimum, all county or city provided jobs. It actually works. We had to take this 'one bite at a time' approach because the state legislature and governor are all opposed to limiting illegal aliens in this state.

Karon 0150 of NC's picture

I'm delighted with the court ruling!!! A Campaign for this, is an excellent idea!!!! After watching the illegal immigration lawsuits in Texas, and the lack of representation in North Carolina, I'm anxious to see if anything else will come from this ruling.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

"In all kinds of weather we'll all stick together for good ol' Nebraska U."

Just having a light moment. No need to send the boys with white coats. Born and bred in Nebraska, spent my first 55 yrs. there.

Now, in seriousness, the ACLU follow-up seems a bit threatening. Oh, crap, I forgot they can threaten, it is we that are barred in the USA from appearing threatening.

Robert 4907 of DE's picture

Fimally some good news! This could be part of comprehensive ENFORCEMENT reform to free this country of all the illegal aliens and their anchor babies. We don't need illegal aliens and we don't want illegal aliens. PERIODS!.

Nesa 4290 of FL's picture

As a citizen of this country, when I travel outside of our borders, I must carry a passport and other documents. When I enter that country I must obey their laws, pay their fees, etc. To enter. While I'm there, I am not allowed to work unless I follow all of their procedures. While I'm there, I must prove Health insurance or a way to pay for treatment. Otherwise I will not receive any. There isn't a country on earth that will take care of you unless you belong there. Why is this so hard to understand? Illegals will continue to come as long as they are allowed to.

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Denise 6013 of CO's picture

Nebraska is on the right track. We need all other States to do the same thing. Just try to go to Switzerland and rent an apartment without the proper paperwork and they will stall and the next day wherever your contact info is and you are there, you will be greeted by their ICE agents and taken to the airport for the first plane back where you came from. The residents there do not care they are losing revenue they want to protect their Country from Illegals taking over. In the US we are weak and let anyone run over us, we need to stand up and do what is right.

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Ed 3560 of AZ's picture

Other states are afraid to pass such laws. They're afraid of being sued by the extremist Reconquista activists like MALDEF, and by Holder and his minions.

Holder and his tax-money supported minions cost the State of Arizona tens of millions of dollars defending against SB1070, a law whose terminology basically mirrored existing federal law.

Then, of course, there's the left wing propaganda machine media that smears and lies about how such laws will discriminate against Hispanic AMERICANS.

Thank God for the activists of NumbersUSA who comment on media smear articles to set the record straight Z(it's gotten me banned from several).

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S. T. 9239 of NV's picture

This isn't just good news.. Its OUTSTANDING news!
I love a heartwarming, optimistic, great story with a very happy ending. We need to read more of the same with greater frequency!
This makes my day that much brighter!!

Elaine 8943 of TX's picture

Gee, that was already a law...IF they had enforced it.
IF you were/are in the rental business, real estate, employee, you could be fined for renting, selling, or hiring them.

S. T. 9239 of NV's picture

GREAT NEWS!! I'll bet Owebama, Reid and many others are foaming at the mouth over this as it makes their undocumented Democrats feel unwelcome. Even better is the mandatory use of E-Verify for jobs!

Maybe this great ruling will inspire even more states to follow suit and enact similar laws. They should stop all welfare benefits to anyone who can't produce proper documentation they are here legally...

No jobs, No welfare, No place to live here, NO reason to come in illegally!

Rick 5311 of IL's picture

I am ready to celebrate! Could it be possible that the Supreme Court will actually uphold the Constitution? Hopefully, hundreds of thousands more local communities will follow the leadership of Fremont, Nebraska. Perhaps now the entire State of Nebraska will pass mandatory E-Verify.

Karen 5056 of TX's picture

Sure wish Texas would pass eVerify. Our city of Farmers Branch valiantly tried to fight renting to illegals, but repeatedly lost in the courts. If we'd only had eVerify, which our Legislature has repeatedly voted down, the situation in Farmers Branch (and all Texas towns/cities) could have turned out differently. Hopefully, our Legislature will finally vote eVerify in after the mid-terms, IF we can clean out the RINOs and Dems. If you are in Texas, please remember the primary runoffs are Tuesday, May 27! There are several important races where your vote is critical. Please vote!

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Carolyn 4324 of TX's picture

I would love to be able to vote,but lack a photo I.D. which is now required in Texas to be allowed to vote. And I have no idea of how to get a legal photo I.D. so that I can vote. At age 70 yrs I no longer have a drivers license.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

Carolyn, I may be wrong, but call the Drivers license bureau. I'm confident that is where you go to get an official ID.

Frank 1497 of TX's picture

Perhaps we citizens an form large blocks as the illegals and their friends do. We could then pass this and other rules that the SC will sanctify for the future of the US of A. We could then slowly get the illegals back to their home country/countries. Can any one give me one honest reason they are here other than the politicians don't give a darn. They, the politicians, don't have to worry about their checks as they come automatic from the city, county, state or the Federal government. Perhaps Farmers Branch can kick it off here in Texas.
I have to wonder when we can start celebrating this great news before the bleeding hearts/liberals think of a way to defeat this new rulings.
I have to praise the SC for finally standing up for the tax payers rather than those who steal funds for their own needs.
Frank Bowers, FIC; 100% DAV; Class of 1937; Austin TX

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Octavia 3648 of CA's picture

I am with you Frank. Hopefully numberusa will join us and getting the ball rolling to take back our country from the illegal invaders. Frank, all liberals aren't that liberal. They do not want to cut their own throats. Liberals believe in Americans first. You don't see any liberals out protesting with the illegals. That tells the story right there.

Fred 6530 of TX's picture

As more and more cities and states pass e-verify and housing laws,it will create a huge migration, and I hope our elected officials understand that we don't want to be covered up by the illegals. It would be much better if the United States passed a law that required e-verify and housing ordinances so that there would not be a herding effect. Give them free passed at the boarder and let them go. No lawyers need to apply.

Ed 3560 of AZ's picture

Great Decision! MALDEF, the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund is misnamed. Hispanic AMERICANS loathe illegal aliens and oppose amnesty according to polls taken by Latino polling organization.

MALDEF is more appropriately the Mexican Legal Defense Fund.

Hopefully, once the country is rid of Obama, Holder, and the pro-illegal alien Democrats and RINOs in the House and Senate, states and municipalities will feel safe passing more such laws.

Marilyn 6431 of TX's picture

Very to get the word out to all states and municipalities. Federal government be hanged.

A few years ago a nearby city, Farmers Branch, TX, tried to close up their city like this to illegals and I thought the Supreme Court ruled against them. Why would they approve Nebraska and not a city in Texas?

William 9681 of CA's picture

And they want us to believe that the only way to get rid of the illegals is to round them up one by one and deport them, which they love to claim would be economically nonviable!If they can't work or shelter themselves, they'll simply have no choice but to leave - it's a no brainer!

Octavia 3648 of CA's picture

I totally agree with every comment on this feed. Hopefully numbersusa will get the ball rolling for us to send the message to the Whitehouse and both houses of Congress. This could be a revolution on paper. We want government to stop tying the hands of our local police to protect citizens from the illegal invaders. I am ready to sign-up. Let's go numbersusa!