The Governor of Montana, Greg Gianforte, signed a bill this week restricting sanctuary cities in the Treasure State; the bill, passed by the Montana state legislature requires all cities in the state to comply with federal immigration law.

Gov. Greg Gianforte explained his thought process in a statement reported by the Associated Press:

We are a nation of laws, and immigration laws will be enforced in Montana.

“The Montana law will require cities to cooperate with federal agencies like ICE and Customs and Border Patrol and gives the state's attorney general the power to pursue civil action against jurisdictions who refuse,” reports The Hill.

This also means that the state of Montana could now withhold grants and other funding to cities and towns that willfully neglect to uphold the laws of this nation and actively endanger the lives of their law-abiding constituents.

Montana's State Legislature has had a keen eye for such a bill after former Gov., and 2020 Democratic Nominee Steve Bullock vetoed a similar bill in 2019.

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Updated: Thu, Apr 15th 2021 @ 5:15pm EDT