Last night during his Fox News town hall Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) said that they are not planning on adding any DACA legislation to the upcoming omnibus spending bill. Speaker Ryan emphasized that they would do that “separately” from other major legislation.

When asked about adding an amnesty for DACA recipients into the spending legislation Speaker Ryan responded, “No, we’re planning on doing that separately.” When asked for clarification that it would not be in the December bill Ryan said, “Correct, we’re planning on keeping that separate from spending.”

Watch the exchange here:

Since Pres. Trump ended the DACA program giving Congress six-months to fix the problem before they lose their DACA status, Congress has been trying to find out how to deal with the issue.

Some Democrats have said they will risk a government shut down if an amnesty for the DACA recipeints is not included in the spending bill.

Pres. Trump talked with Republican Senators last week asking them not to include a DACA fix to the omnibus.

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Updated: Wed, Nov 29th 2017 @ 11:00am EST