Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., said the Obama Administration is exposing the nation to danger by maximizing the intake of refugees from terrorist-producing countries. As evidence, Sen. Sessions cited examples of 20 refugees who were implicated in, or convicted for, terrorism or terrorism-related offenses in recent years. He said refugees should be supported in or close to their countries rather than resettled in the U.S.

The following are excerpts from his statement:

“Despite a clear nexus between immigration and terrorism, and warnings from top officials in his own Administration about their inability to properly vet refugees, President Obama remains in denial ‎about the dangers that his policies pose to the United States…(T)he Obama Administration leads the United States down a dangerous path - admitting as many refugees as possible from areas of the world where terrorists roam freely, and granting a temporary amnesty to Syrians living in the United States illegally. And contrary to the assertions made by many, the potential for future terror activity is real.

“Our primary effort, and that of our allies, should be to provide support to those who are displaced as close to their homes as possible, and work to return them home as soon as possible…But instead of pursuing these policies, the Obama Administration continues with its radical plans.

“Since September 11, 2001, we know that at least 40 individuals who were admitted to the United States as refugees have been convicted for, or implicated in, terrorism or terrorism-related offenses - and the total is likely much higher. Some were admitted as adults, others as children, but these cases refute the false assertion that those admitted to the United States as refugees never engage in terrorism.

“Plainly, there is no way to properly vet these refugees. Our intelligence databases are only as good as the information that goes into them - meaning that the absence of derogatory information in our systems about an individual does not ‎mean that admitting that individual carries no risk…Additionally, the Obama Administration announced last week that it plans to grant a temporary amnesty (under the guise of Temporary Protected Status) to thousands of Syrians currently in the United States who may have entered illegally or overstayed their visas.”

Sen. Sessions said the United States allowed in over 27,000 refugees from five terrorist-producing nations just this fiscal year, and provided examples of 20 “vetted” refugees who were implicated in, or convicted or sentenced for, terrorism or terrorism-related offenses in recent years. He notes there are likely more but the Obama Administration refuses to make public the immigration histories of those implicated in terrorist activity in the U.S.

Read more in Sen. Sessions’ statement.

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Updated: Thu, Aug 25th 2016 @ 2:25pm EDT