Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) discussed the RAISE Act and how it would benefit American workers during an appearance on Meet the Press on Sunday. The show's host, Chuck Todd, had asked Sen. Cotton about a potential trade of the DACA amnesty for border security, but Sen. Cotton instead steered the conversation to the impacts of mass immigration on American workers.

The Raise Act would end chain migration and the visa lottery and transform the existing employment-based system to a merit-based one.

You can watch the clip of the exchange or read the transcript below.

“Now I think the President has said publicly that there’s not a deal that he wants to see a deal. In fact he called me a couple of nights ago to say there’s no deal he wants to make sure we protect the interests of American workers. In particular by ending unlimited chain migration, which is why we have so many unskilled workers coming into the country. He asked me to sit down with Sen. Schumer and some of the other Democrats. They want to focus on a package of benefits for illegal immigrants we want to put American interests or American worker interests first.”

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Updated: Wed, Oct 4th 2017 @ 9:38am EDT