Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who helped develop and promote the Senate-passed comprehensive amnesty bill (S. 744), told the New York Times that Republicans don’t need to pass an “immigration solution” (aka amnesty) in order to help their chances in the 2016 elections. He said those who argue it would result in a “bonanza” of votes for the GOP are lying.

Rubio, who is considered a potential presidential candidate, may be trying to improve his credentials with the vast majority of Americans who oppose amnesty. But he clearly admits his current plan would lead to citizenship for illegal aliens so his words appear to be self-defeating.

The following are excerpts from Rubio’s interview with the New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg:

You suffered politically for trying to push a sweeping immigration overhaul with a pathway to citizenship. What lesson did you draw from that? That there now exists an incredible level of mistrust on anything massive that the government does.

In your book, you propose a piecemeal approach starting with more border security and ending with permanent residency. Are you dropping the idea of citizenship for those who came here illegally? Once you have permanent residency, which is a green card, existing law allows you to apply for citizenship.

What about members of Congress who say they cannot vote for anything that would allow a pathway to citizenship? We might prohibit people who came here illegally and got green cards under this process from ever becoming citizens. And if that’s what we have to do to get this thing passed, I would be open to it. But I don’t think that’s a wise thing to do.

Do you think the Republicans need to have some sort of immigration solution before 2016? No. Those who argue that this will be a bonanza for Republicans are not telling the truth. Those who argue that we should do it for the purpose of politics are also misanalyzing the issue.”

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Updated: Wed, Jan 14th 2015 @ 2:45pm EST