Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) introduced his Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act (H.R. 391) yesterday, which would narrow the “credible fear” standards that illegal aliens must meet in order to make an asylum claim. Rep. Chaffetz first introduced this bill in 2015 as a response to the surge of unaccompanied alien children (UACs) at the southern border.

A 2015 GAO report said that asylum claims have increased 130% from 2010 to 2014. The report also showed that while over 90% of these cases are approved only about 30% were fraud-free in 2013.

Due to Pres. Obama’s catch-and-release executive action once an illegal alien’s asylum claim has been accepted they are released into the U.S. with a work permit and access to welfare benefits while their case is pending. Many never show up for their hearing. For unaccompanied alien minors who do, about 60% had their claims approved in the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2015.

The bill would:

  • Tighten the credible fear standard aliens must meet in an effort to curtail fraud and end the “catch and release” of aliens apprehended at the border;
  • Require immigration officers to order all illegal entrants removed upon screening, absent an asylum claim;
  • Cut foreign assistance to countries who resist repatriation of their illegal aliens;
  • Force the Department of Health and Human Services to cooperate in the deportation process by releasing to DHS the location of alien minors who are or have been in its custody;
  • Prohibit paying for lawyers for UACs in removal proceedings, which is the historical norm for all removal proceedings; and
  • Clarify that an alien is not considered a UAC if certain immediate relatives are available in the U.S.

Read Rep. Chaffetz press release here.

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Updated: Wed, Jan 11th 2017 @ 10:06am EST

Jon 8777 of NY's picture

We should do away with all the asylum programs.  Once here they never go back and we are stuck with paying for them.

Unless we believe in the new world order, one world government with no borders we should be very careful not to allow ourselves to be over run with refugees or immigrants in general.

We need to stop fooling ourselves into believing that everyone in the world thinks just as we do and want's to become assimilated to our ways of life, our language and our culture.

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Martin  1153 of WA's picture

Yes Jon

Its time to offer the Chicago inner cities [and other inner city crime concentrations throughout America] asylum first, if anybody.

Lets get the inner city [and the rest of America too] back on their feet again...then a few decades from now we can assist the world overpopulation problems.

Andrew 2056 of NY's picture

How can anyone have a credible fear of persecution when they pass through numerous safe countries on the way to the USA? Some people at the border are from Africa and came via Brazil. Genuine refugees go to the nearest safe country.

Cheryl 0015 of KS's picture
Do away with all asylums and birther rights. No welfare,food stamps Medicaid---these should be for U.S.citizens. Time for e-verify and tracking of visas.
Meredith 2680 of CA's picture

I taught English to adult immigrants for years near L.A. and have personal experience with questionable asylum seekers. One of my favorite students, a middle-aged man from China, openly admitted his status in our conversation class. A chatty group, his classmates laughed, saying he really wasn't a refugee. That really wasn't my business but opened my eyes. During that semester there was a young Chinese man in my evening class who voluntarily showed photos of his broken face, a result of Chinese military actions against protestors. He was a legitimate refugee in my opinion who didn't apply for asylum but moved here to study, facing danger here in L.A. where the Chinese government has planted observers to keep an eye on its exploding population of citizens around L.A., I have no doubt based on student reports. So I agree, a better vetting process is needed to ensure that asylum is granted to truly deserving individuals.

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John 4110 of MI's picture

While it appears that a high percentage of aslum seekers are essentially just immigrants seeking an acclerated path with an element of fraud, I hope that a requirement of assylum is that there are almost no safe places in their home land.  It also troubles me that there may be 10s or hundreds of millions in the world that would be eligible for assylum should they chose and find a way here. 

Lee 7958 of FL's picture

Don't allow any illegal, here for any reason, to send money home.  We dangle the carrot for them to come to this country so that they can find work and earn money to send home.  Prohibit financial institutions and check-issueing offices from doing this.

Ginjit 5844 of NY's picture
What Obama has done to our country,through immigration, is a crime. He should have been charged, but, leaving office in dusgrace,imo, is plenty. It is going to takes quite some time to straighten out his fiasco of a presidency, but commencing Jan 20, we begin the process. Good riddance doesn't quite say enough.
Thomas 2924 of IN's picture

Asylum should be awarded only to people such as journalists, writers, and political activists who can demonstrate through published accounts that they are personally at risk for taking principled positions. Under Obama, asylum is being granted to people who fear a general high crime rate, women who claim to have abusive husbands, and homosexuals from countries with intolerant attitudes. Then there are the 70% whose immigration lawyer has told them what lies to tell. Immigration to the U.S. should not be seen as the solution to the world's problems.

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Jeremy 1290 of CO's picture

Did they forget to include absolute stopping of all subsidized benefit if the person fails to maintain compliance?  Or how is that working?  On the face, it seems that regardless of the law or policy of the day most migrants still readily and freely access welfare and subsidy systems.