According to a recent poll commissioned by the NPR Media Network, American swing voters oppose Joe Biden’s open border immigration policy by a margin of 2:1, according to the same poll Latino Americans are just as unlikely to support Biden’s mass immigration agenda as they are to support it.

The NRP commissioned poll asked 1,309 registered voters if they “approve or disapprove of how President Biden is handling immigration.” Overall, just 33% of voters approve of Biden’s border policies, while 54% disapprove, says the Marist poll, conducted March 22 to 25.

Biden’s immigration agenda, comprised of endless amnesties, little to no interior enforcement, and purposefully porous borders, garners even less support among American swing-voters, the election-deciding independent voters who are not only growing in number - but also political power.

From swing-voters, Biden’s immigration agenda only receives a nominal 27% support, facing 53% independents who oppose the policies - and possibly worse for Biden, 21% who currently say they are unsure.

Latinos were evenly split in support and opposition to Biden’s uncontrolled mass migration. While 43% supported the President’s agenda and 43% disapproved, again, time may tell a different story as 15% are still unsure of how they feel about the President’s immigration priorities.

These large segments of sub-populations who remain unsure about the current immigration crisis will prove to be critical in public support towards the White House’s immigration agenda in the coming year - where Border Patrol is preparing to nab over 1.4 million illegal aliens attempting to jump the border by the end of 2021.

This conservative estimate comes from Mark Morgan, who ran the Border Patrol in the Obama Admin. then ran Customs and Border Protection during the Trump Admin, reports the Washington Times. Morgan also saw through, as all American’s should, Joe Biden’s blatant, and rather duplicitous mistruth that border surges the likes of which we currently see on the border happen “every year.”

Overall, just eight weeks into his tenure, Biden’s immigration policies have a lower approval rating than President Donald had in his second year. The poll showed 34% approval for Biden, compared to 38% approval for Trump, even though Biden still gets very favorable coverage from the establishment media.

Republicans were more or less united in their opposition to the open-border policies of the Biden Admin. 89% disapprove while only 5% approved of the Admin.’s immigration ideals. However, among Democrats, 66% approved, 23% disapproved, and 11% were undecided - further growing the potential for dissent from voters the Biden Admin could usually rely on.

Biden got his highest rating among college-educated white women. They gave Biden’s border policy 49 percent approval and 39 percent disapproval, reports Breitbart News.

Updated: Wed, Apr 14th 2021 @ 3:00pm EDT