Pres. Trump sent a supplemental spending request to Congress to fund the government for the remainder of FY2017 that includes a large increase in spending for the Department of Homeland Security. The request includes funding for new barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border, more Border Patrol and ICE agents, and expanded detention facilities.

Several items in the request are included on NumbersUSA's '10 Steps to Fix our Broken Immigration Enforcement System', including improving cooperation between ICE and state and local governments in immigration enforcement and increased detention space to help expand expedited removal orders.

The full request includes:

  • $11 million for the Office of the Secretary and Executive Management Operations and Support to establish a real-time data integration system that would support immigration enforcement operations, benefits adjudication, policy analysis, accurate data reporting, and for other border and immigration modeling analyses.

  • $286 million for CBP Operations and Support, including:
    • $95 million to support border surge operations,
    • $65 million to build hiring capacity to recruit and onboard 5,000 Border Patrol agents,
    • $18 million for project management, oversight, and support for the border wall,
    • $43 million to enhance situational awareness at the border, and
    • $64 million for other technology, equipment, and infrastructure investments that directly contribute to the effectiveness of border security operations.

  • $1.4 billion for CBP Procurement, Construction, and Improvements, including:
    • $999 million for planning, design, and construction of the first installment of the border wall,
    • $179 million for access roads, gates, and other tactical infrastructure projects, and
    • $200 million for border security technology deployments.

  • $1.2 billion for ICE Operations and Support, including:
    • $1.15 billion to pay for detention, transportation, and removal of illegal aliens, and for alternatives to detention;
    • $76 million to build hiring capacity to recruit and onboard 10,000 ICE agents and officers;
    • $5 million for homeland security investigations intelligence activities; and
    • $5 million to support the expansion of the Section 287(g) Program.

  • $25 million for Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Operations and Support for the hiring and training of instructors to support law enforcement officer hiring and training within CBP and ICE.

  • $63 million for Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Procurement, Construction, and Improvements for infrastructure investments, including modular dormitory and classroom buildings, which would support law enforcement officer hiring and training at CBP and ICE.

Read the full request the White House sent to Congress here.

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Updated: Mon, Apr 10th 2017 @ 1:54pm EDT