The Economist and YouGov recently released a poll conducted June 17 through 19, revealing that there is a plurality of support among American voters -- 46% -- for a 'zero tolerance' policy regarding the arrest and detention of all illegal crossings. Additionally, a Rasmussen Reports survey of 1,000 American likely voters, conducted June 19 and 20, showed that 54% of likely voters believe parents who illegally enter the country with their children are more to blame for the arrest and separation of families. Only 35% blame the federal government for enforcing immigration law, and 11% are undecided.

A more detailed breakdown of the poll shows that 82% of Republicans and 56% of voters with no major political party affiliation hold these illegal alien parents more responsible, where 60% of Democrats blame enforcement of federal immigration law for the arrest and separation of families.

Additionally, the poll showed that 54% agree with Pres. Trump's statement that "The United States will not be a migrant camp. And it will not be a refugee-holding facility -- it won't be," while only 30% disagree, and 16% say they don't know.

The survey of 1,000 likely voters had a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Pulse Opinion Research, LLC conducts field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys.

For more on this story, see Rasmussen Reports and YouGov.

Illegal Immigration

Updated: Fri, Jul 13th 2018 @ 9:56am EDT