According to a recent Pew Research report, records from The World Bank show that migrants residing in the U.S. sent a staggering $138,165,000,000 (USD) to family members in their home countries in 2016 alone. To name the top three countries that received the most in remittances, funds flowed out of the U.S. in the amounts of $1,754,000,000 to Mexico, $655,000,000 to Canada, and $459,000,000 to the United Kingdom.

The World Bank collected data on those countries that do track sent and received funds and used a statistical model to estimate the how much was exchanged from country to country.

According to those estimates, migrants sent $574 billion (USD) worldwide to family members in their countries of origin in 2016. Though this is 1% less than the $581 billion sent in 2015, it is still double what the remittances were a decade ago.

Updated: Thu, Feb 15th 2018 @ 6:00pm EST