More than 25 groups, including NumbersUSA, signed a letter to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) urging him to force Pres. Obama to use the resources that are already at his disposal in response to the ongoing border crisis. At least 240,000 illegal aliens have crossed the U.S.-Mexico border this year, including 50,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children. Pres. Obama has asked Congress for nearly $4 billion in emergency funding - much of which wouldn't be used until FY2015 and would go towards the caring for and relocation of illegal aliens.

Here's the full text of the letter and list of the signers:

Dear Mr. Speaker:

We fervently urge you to force the Obama administration to stabilize the border with the resources it already has through existing immigration laws.

It is not prudent to give this administration a penny more, especially when it has been reallocating funds away from border security, misusing asylum laws and refugee programs to benefit illegal aliens, and jeopardizing the American people through the growing homeland security and public health threats this surge at the border is creating.

The crisis at our southern border is happening for three primary reasons:

  • The Obama administration, many in Congress, and certain advocacy groups have signaled loud and clear that more mass amnesty is coming.
  • The administration has refused to enforce many of our immigration laws.
  • Wholesale administrative amnesty in the last two years indicated to many that the U.S. border is a doormat.
  • Our country now faces a spike in illegal immigration. While widespread perception is that the most recent wave is primarily made up of unaccompanied children escaping rampant violence, the truth is that only about 20 percent of these foreign border crossers are unaccompanied children, and someone has paid a smuggler to bring them here. The administration has taken no steps to quickly remove the other 80 percent.

Further, the administration refuses to detain, process, and promptly remove these illegal aliens. Instead, millions and millions of taxpayer dollars are spent transporting them into the U.S. interior. In many cases, the government is facilitating the movement of illegal alien children to join illegal alien relatives already in the U.S. — at taxpayer expense. This is an injustice and an affront to those who honored our laws in their pursuit of permanent legal residence.

The president has requested $3.7 billion, ostensibly to deal with this situation, but most of the request would go toward government services and very little toward enforcement. Moreover, this administration has shown nothing but contempt for immigration enforcement and the rule of law. It is past time to demand the faithful execution of our immigration laws, which should precede any appropriation or legislation.

We urge Congress to hold the administration accountable for creating this crisis, in the following ways:
No emergency supplemental appropriation: The fiscal year is nearly over, and any needs the administration has for dealing with the surge of illegal border crossers should only be handled through regular order.

  • No new laws: President Obama has more than sufficient tools to address the current border situation. The Immigration and Nationality Act has many underutilized enforcement measures, including expedited removal, mandatory detention, immigration benefits fraud, immigration emergency declaration, the Secure Fence Act of 2006, and the 287(g) program. Adequate enforcement of existing laws will produce tangible results. The 2008 Trafficking Victims Protection Act needs to be amended, but there is no way that will happen now, given the White House’s and Sen. Harry Reid’s stated opposition. With unaccompanied minors only one fifth of the problem, that isn’t an imperative step.
  • Hold the source countries responsible: The countries whose people are illegally crossing our border should face consequences for their complicity in this travesty. Immediately withhold U.S. aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, as well as Mexico, which is facilitating the transit of Central American nationals across its expanse. Aid should not go to any of these nations until they stop the outflow and repatriate their nationals.
  • Insist on lawful asylum claims: The Geneva Convention requires that asylum seekers apply in the first safe country they come to. But instead of applying in Mexico, they have, with the assistance of Mexico, crossed Mexico to the U.S. border. Therefore, President Obama must deny asylum claims from any Central American who failed to seek protection from Mexico and must return them to their home country.

We stand ready to support you in standing up to the Obama administration and in refusing to accept less than ending this crisis by restoring law and order. Until this administration demonstrates a sincere effort to uphold existing law and to stop issuing administrative amnesties, Congress should withhold any further money or legislation.


Roy Beck

Richard A. Viguerie

Kelly Kullberg
Evangelicals for Biblical immigration

Phyllis Schlafly
Eagle Forum

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
President & CEO
Center for Security Policy

Tim Wildmon
American Family Association

Sandy Rios
Director of Governmental Affairs
American Family Association

Robert W. Patterson
Executive Director
Arsenal of Democracy Project

Tim Dionisopoulos
U.S. Immigration Reform PAC

Anita MonCrief
Advisory Board Member
Black Conservatives Fund

Kevin Kearns
U.S. Business & Industry Council

Melissa Ortiz
Founder and Principal
Able Americans

William H. Shaker
Rule of Law Committee

Richard and Susan Falknor
Blue Ridge Forum

John Kwapisz, J.D.
Legislative Director
Virginia Council for Immigration Reform

Gary L. Bauer
American Values

David McIntosh
Former Member of Congress

Jim Backlin
Christian Coalition of America

Allen Roth
Secure America Now

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots

C. Preston Noell, III
Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.

Ginni Thomas
Liberty Consulting

Bob McEwen
Former Member of Congress

Colin Hanna
Let Freedom Ring

Ambassador Henry F. Cooper
Former Director
Strategic Defense Initiative

Tom Broadwater

Illegal Immigration
Barack Obama
2014 border surge
border control

Updated: Mon, Aug 11th 2014 @ 12:30pm EDT

James 3887 of FL's picture

Call, call, call! I called and faxed. They need a repeat of the phone calls from the 2007 push for amnesty that Americans did not want then! Thanks for all you're doing!

Glenis 1025 of TN's picture

John Boehner is an open border advocate, corporate not people oriented, Obama lover. You will never get him to do anything that will go against Obama or the corporations. He is so anti-American he will never do anything positive to help the middle class of America. He was a continual flow of CHEAP SLAVE LABOR.

Joe 8579 of CA's picture


Do your job and restrict all funding to any Obama bill regarding amnesty and illegal immigration.

So far I don't see many of you Republicans doing their job.Mainly you...
Joe Crain

Roger 8615 of CA's picture

Both Dem and Rep don't want to do anything because it has to do with supression of wages in America and keeping the American people reliant on the Government for housing, foodstamps and all other welfare programs.

Albert 3441 of PA's picture

At least now the Speaker of the House has been put on notice. This letter is absolutely unambiguous; we want action. It is now his move. Now the public gets to see how much he listens to Main Street and how much he listens to K Street.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

Thanks for sending a letter signed by so many.

I've made 6 calls to Congressional offices in the past 40 minutes. No busy signals, all answered on first ring. Let's burn up those phone lines. Never in the past have I been able to make so many calls in so little time.

Karen 6880 of AZ's picture

Thanks, Gene, for calling. I called MN reps & Boehner and AZ Gosar, Called Democrat office MN Rep Ellison big Obama muslim guy. Other Democrat office didn't want to take my call because of not being in exact MN district. Reps saying they are getting calls, how many I don't know.

Ramona 3321 of CA's picture

Mr. Speaker, I emailed you my comments about this surge at the border and also the need for taxpayer money to go to Americans in need. I also stated in my email that if this is about votes forget about it because, Latinos will vote Democratic because they know which side their bread is buttered on so Republicans may not get some Latino votes, but they may get some votes from democrats like me who think that Obama has gone too far with his pen and may do so again. I would venture to bet that not all legal voting Latinos are for illegal immigration and amnesty because, they know that their schools and jobs are in jeopardy if Illegals are allowed to take jobs get first in line for grants, scholarships and loans. America has to come first. This will be my major issue when I vote.

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Michael 4117 of SD's picture

Where can I get a copy of the letter with signatures to print and send to elected officials?

I believe paper is more tangible than email.

Dan & Sharon 6240 of NM's picture

America needs to take care of OUR hungery & homeless and
Veteran's FIRST before anything is done to bring more
children & parents into OUR Nation. America is fed up with doing for others!!! Sharon N.

William 6350 of IA's picture

I can't believe that the people of the US are just setting back and letting this happen. Makes no difference what party you belong to. Look to the future. No Dems. or Rep. in power, all rights taken by illegals, voting for anything they can grab. This administration seems to be giving us just a taste of what's to come.

May GOD help us. Doubt we'll get much help there since most everything with reference to him has been thrown out already.

Scott 4845 of UT's picture

Keep calling your reps. I got through on direct phone line. I shouldn't be able to get through on first call if we are doing our job. We need to keep this up every day this week. We can build momentum to make these guys think twice. If haven't made a call all year now is the time to do it. This week is critical. Obama may try to grant amnesty at the same time he starts to deport new arrivals to mitigate what he is doing. We have to stop him now before decisions are made. Calling your rep. will stiffen their spine. Let them know you will not accept them rolling over for Obama and amnesty/legalization.

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Julia 0329 of TX's picture

I just called and my calls went through on the first ring.
Keep calling and let your voice be heard. We can not afford to be idle.

Vince 0041 of PA's picture


Why not put out a pdf of this that we can print and snail mail to our congresscritters. Bushels of individually signed, addressed and stamped letters arriving in DC would be noticed! Besides, the post office needs the business...

John 1025 of GA's picture

I was on hold for about two minutes, but I eventually got through. Told the intern who answered the phone that this was a single issue vote for me. Under no circumstances would I let any other issue alter my vote other than my congressman's defense of our borders. That is when he asked me for my name and my address. He said the flurry of phone calls they had received today was a clear indication that my congressman, Tom Price would support me. He said they phone calls against Amnesty had been pouring in! : -)

Keep up the good work everybody!

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John 4110 of MI's picture

The news is full of stories that Obama tends to gut what little interior enforcement is left. Deferred deportations and work permits for all illegals and two for one H1b visas (spouse get a permit and won't count in the total. Obama thinks the action will get more Democrats to the polls. Odd only 20% want more immigration. Not many people like illegal immigration. The Speaker with Rove at his ear is unlikely to challenge Obama. The political experts might have all of this wrong and have been fooled by rigged polls.

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Terri 9170 of IL's picture

Somehow the Democrats think if they can goad the GOP into threatening impeachment it will get out the Democrat vote. When are politicians in this country going to realize there's a big difference between political chicanery to get votes and actually governing a country?

If Boehner is listening to Karl Rove then he'll never act against illegal entry.

John 4110 of MI's picture

The news of reports that Obama has told Gutierrez that he is about to give work permits and temporary legal status to most of the remaining interior illegal aliens. For the Chamber of Commerce types he has promised 2 for 1 H1-bs (hire a foreign worker) and the spouse gets a work permit as well.

John 4110 of MI's picture

As Obama moves toward unilaterally issuing no deport orders for most of the remaining interior illegals and increases in H1-bs by a hire a foreign worker get their spouse too. The question arises will the supporters of comprehensive amnesty and massive immigration increases (as in the Senate bill) still say it is fine for Obama to change the law without a bill being passed in Congress?

Dave 362 of WI's picture

If Obama succeeds in granting amnesty via executive order, will Boehner cry for his country's loss of sovereignty and erasure of its borders?

Mike 1111 of CO's picture

Sen. Ted Cruz Has The Right Idea.

In a nutshell, he explained on the tube:

"End DACA and No More Amnesties, or No More Funding."

Congress has the power of the purse: urge them to use it.

Debra 9260 of MD's picture

Does anyone feel like this is going to happen anyway? When will this government listen to the will of the people? During Healthcare, the same thing happened, call, fax, call, and fax.....passed anyway, I am so discouraged, I feel such a sense of urgency, but feel helpless as well....what happens is Obama sign an executive order and Boehner gives him the funds, is it over?

Van 0864 of VA's picture

Don't be discouraged, Debra. Not sure where you are in Maryland but your state does not have many in Congress who a sympathetic to immigration enforcement. Most polls now show the vast majority of voters want the deportation of surge aliens, not their relocation and release in the U.S. Please keep trying. Boehner only wants to give Obama funds through the end of the fiscal year (Sept. 30). Since they're going to vote on his bill, we also need to tell Members of Congress to oppose allowing Obama to hand out work permits to more illegal aliens

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Terri 9170 of IL's picture

But can the Senate use this bill as a vehicle for passing S 744? that's the scary thing. I wish the House would withhold funds for DACA.

Mike 1111 of CO's picture

Van, thanks for the link: NO S744.

Boehner put it in writing on Monday; it would be difficult to take it back any time soon.

A good start is to just use resources currently available to CLOSE THE BORDER.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

That funding for financing this blunder comes to 10.6 million dollars a day. Let's see him make that revenue neutral!

Why is not Paul Ryan, Jeb Hensarling raising hell about "Only if we can offset this expense>" Do republicans only make that comment on the other party's proposals?

Terri 9170 of IL's picture

Paul Ryan is TOTALLY in the tank for Open Borders.

I read today that Boehner is saying he's going to pass the bill and he'll refuse to conference or change any of it. It's a lie. As soon as it passes, he'll go to conference and insert S 744. Knowing that 77% of all Americans oppose this legislation vehemently, I wonder what kind of country the Democrats think they'll be left with? If ALL American citizens voted against the Democrats we could defeat their "exciting new Hispanic voters."

Mike 1111 of CO's picture

Debra, the Fatal Flaw with Amnesty ...

is that it doesn't work. If you offered it, the Illegals would take it, but you'd just get more Illegals: maybe 100 million more of them. Our job is to remind the politicians of this inconvenient truth now and in November.

Some of my colleagues live in MD, and parts of the state are swarming with invading Illegal hordes. The one who has a daughter is particularly concerned for her safety, and rightly so, with all of the criminals lurking around.

We need to fight for enforcement. If there is a better issue worth a fight, I don't know about it.

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Debra 9260 of MD's picture

Mike I feel helpless here in Maryland, moved here 4 years ago for a job, and hate it....I have never felt like I was in a foreign country in my own country, until I moved to Maryland. Of course like a lot of business in Maryland they moved to Virginia. Not many speak English and noticed in the job ads now, you have to be bilingual. This is a horrible place, moving soon, cannot wait to leave. Do not feel safe and yes crime has risen due to illegal immigrants here. I will never vote Democrat, ever in my life, but here people do not seem to be concern, but Maryland is falling. Will vote to get rid of anyone who agree to Amnesty.

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Gene 5798 of TX's picture

I sent an e mail to my REP. told him to just get with Sessions program. Anything less was not acceptable, add 60,000,000 deportations and he could'nt go wrong!

Gary 3222 of AL's picture

It's time for New Mexico, and Arizona to put the National Guard on the border under Article 1 Section 8,10 allows States to "repel invasion."

Steven 9122 of OK's picture

Excellent point Roy.

"Insist on lawful asylum claims: The Geneva Convention requires that asylum seekers apply in the first safe country they come to. But instead of applying in Mexico, they have, with the assistance of Mexico, crossed Mexico to the U.S. border. Therefore, President Obama must deny asylum claims from any Central American who failed to seek protection from Mexico and must return them to their home country."

mexico play a huge part in this invasion. We'd be better off paying them to enforce their laws rather than us bearing the costs once they flood our country and set up their fleecing of America.

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Mike 1111 of CO's picture

Congress' Phones Are Busier Today.

I just called Rep. DeGette's office with the script; they are getting LOTS of calls about HR5160 Blackburn.

I also called Sen. Bennet and Udall: busy there, too, left same message.

'No Amnesty, or No Money. It's only the future of our entire country that's at stake here.'

We need to keep reminding Congress of the above.

Michael 4117 of SD's picture

Thank you, Van.
I've called all of Sen. McConnells' offices, voicemail for Boehner and spoke to staffers at all my elected officials and McCarthy & Scalise. Also emailed and faxed. Snail mail of immigration laws in the mail to 8 elected officials.

Robert 2033 of IN's picture

That may well be, but that does not alter the fact that the President has inserted his own interpretation of the immigration laws and will not perform his constitutional duty to enforce the laws of the land. Everyone who can read or listen to his speeches on this matter knows that he has sent a personal invitation to Central America that if they can make it through Mexico and step foot on American soil, they will be apprehended and then released with orders to appear for a hearing which they never appear and have been spread all over the country.
Unless that border is totally secured, the bleeding will not stop. And this country is alreadt bankrupt and will sink under the weight of hundreds of thousands of more illegals entering this country. Not just children who I feel sorry bfor, but criminals, drugs, terrorists, etc, etc.
The President is misusing a law put into effect by George Bush, having to do with human sex trafficking. This law differintiates between Mexicans and Canadians illegally entering this country and other countries people trying to enter. 90% of these kids entering bfrom Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua do not qualify under this law, but the President is interpreting the law as if they do.

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Cynthia 2502 of TX's picture

John Cornyn's reelection campaign volunteer just got an earful from me when they called me. He tried to get me to give them money over the phone and also get me to go along to get along even if it means compromising with Bonehead in the house and McCain etc to to stop the Ds. He got frustrated and tongue tied trying to tell me that a hardcore approach on immigration was what the Ds wanted so we would all vote for a third party candidate. He is apparently getting an earful in all of his calls on immigration alone Being a D voter who has been crossing over on this issue alone, I went off on him. I told him best to get rid of the old people and start anew if they were not going to be hardcore on immigration and it is sad when you see people who are Americans struggling fighting for jobs at Burger King that illegals are getting. I told him Cornyn is about a 70 per-center on this issue and that was no longer good enough since this issue has become so critical and I see everyday from my work who is here and they are not the little soccer ball bear hugging fearful 8 year olds but far worse and far older. I told again 70 percent on this issue is just not good enough and would bring the worst possible situations here and if that's coming then let's clean house and start over. I told him he needed for at least this issue follow Senator Cruise's stance and he sighed and hung up on me :)

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John 4110 of MI's picture

Do McCain and the other supporters of massive amnesty and immigration increases support Obama's setting aside/ non enforcement of immigration law? Violation of the constitution is a heavy price to pay for most any cause.

Kathleen 6001 of CA's picture

I was also surprised at how quickly I was able to get through to my Representatives DC office. People need to call. Now!!!!!

I too, like Debra from Maryland, am discouraged. I have been involved in this fight to stop illegal immigration since 2008 when I woke up to La Raza's intent to invade America. Dan Tancredo tried to warn us years ago and he was marginalized by his party because he spoke the truth. Clearly, neither party has shown an interest in listening to the America people. They will only do the bidding of their puppet masters. I fell pretty hopeless, but I am not planning to give up yet. My daughter has and is already making plans to move out of the country.

Surprisingly, she's finding it is not as easy to enter other countries as it is to enter the US. Our government is the only country that has failed to protect its people from invaders.

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Gene 5798 of TX's picture

Glad to hear, Kathleen, that you are just frustrated but not quitting to fight. I understand that feeling, it is tiring and stressful, I've threatened to quit many times over 24 years! I even wrote an e-mail of resignation to Numbers to assure myself that I'd quit. It went to the trash bin within a few hours. Glad you are here! Good luck to your daughter! I hope she decides to stay!

We will win it, or many will wish we had!!